10 February 2009

My Photo appeared in NowPublic - 9 Feb 2009

Yesterday (9 Feb) marked the last day of the 15 days Chinese New Year celebrations. The full full appears and it was the first penumbral lunar eclipse for 2009. Getting the news from the local paers, I got my camera all set up to shoot this event.

Well, I was informed that it was not actually a full eclipse. It was just like the moon just grazing off the shadow of the earth. The change in the light could not actually be seen by the eyes but by light meter.

Nevertheless, I managed to have some good shots of the moon. I uploaded the last photo I shot before the dark clouds rolled in.

In the morning when I check my Flickr mail inbox and found a request to have my photo to be featured in their article in NowPublic.
NowPublic is a user-generated social news website. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was founded by Michael Tippett, Leonard Brody and Michael Meyers in 2005. In addition to content contributed by users, NowPublic has a content-sharing agreement with the Associated Press. (Source Wikipedia) One of the article was on the pnumbral lunar eclipse that is was observed through the world.

Without hesitation, I agree to have my photo to be available in their article.

You can visit the article via this link. Scroll the 4th photo and you will see this photo.

Moon over KL 9 Feb 09_002