30 July 2005

Houses of 'AP Kings' - Part 3

Home of Razali Ali, one time Chief Minister of Selangor and brother-in-law to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Razali Ali is Syed Azman's immediate neighbour. An equally lavish and expensive house which is beyond the means of a retired Chief Minister.

Houses of 'AP Kings' - Part 2

Home of Dato Syed Azman bin Syed Ibrahim

His house is at Bukit Antarabangsa. The house and land alone cost RM28 million. With furniture and fitting the cost of the house will spiral up to about RM35 million.

The above are the rear view of the house. It showed how big the house is.

Houses of 'AP Kings' - Part 1

Home of AP Kings

Home of Dato Haniff Bin Adb Aziz, one of the 'AP KINGS'

Every metal fitting in the house is gold plated. The land alone cost RM5.0 millon. The entire house is said to be worth RM30.0 million.

28 July 2005

Wow! It's Thursday already

Time ready flies this week because they were many challenges (not to use any negative words)... the Positive Pay, the Negative List (which I mentioned to Anuar today it's the Ying and Yan of implementation).
Wednesday, met up at Bangi with Mathew on the iTran issue. Sad to have the whole project on hold due to the latest development mentioned by BNM. Calls started to come in to cover back the impending lost of the iTran purchase. Hitts wants to offer their solution, Joke Hin of NCR Singapore calling to mention that they have a solution too... wow, wish they could fly me down to Singapore to have a sneak preview of their solution... FAT HOPES man.

The BCM issue is finally off the chest, the paper was presented and ready for delivery to BNM just before the deadline. Too many cooks spoil the soup... well they are not cooks anyway.. just providing their view since they are the BIG shots of the Bank.

For those for reading this ... I don;t think you know what I am writing about. Never mind, today's writing are just for my own consumption and for those who have been working close to me!! When I can ready back this mesage I would know that this week was a WOW week.

26 July 2005

Darren, showing off his "evil" self !

A more recent photo taken in 2004.

Lovely couple... this photo was taken in 2002.

My lovely wife, Adeline

My office, Menara Public Bank

A salute to our great nation, Malaysia.

My younger daughter, Esther

My eldest daughter, Carrie

Me and my son Darren

Final respect of Mr Chan Soon Yan Yan at Nirvana Memorial Hall

A moderate gathering of colleagues were at the Nirvana Memorial Hall to pay the last respect to Mr Chan Soon Yan.

When I reached the hall I managed to meet up with Pauline Foo, she looked very sad and from her swollen eyes I can see that she had shed much tears of sorrow. I approached and shake her hand offering my condolences.

We were not able to offer any jostick as the family was under the NSM belief. I signed the condolence book and offered my "pak kam". I was able to go to the coffin which was placed at the back of the alter. The body of Chan Soon Yan looks pale. He was bald which was from his chemo therapy.

I sat at the side of the hall, all by myself reminiscing the first time I met him at Kepong branch where he was the Assistant Branch Manager. I recalled how I was impressed by his good PR and his ability to speak all different Chinese dialets. The thought has made my heart heavy. The rememberence of him will always stay in my heart.

So long Mr Chan Soon Yan.

25 July 2005

The demise of Chan Soon Yan

Got a call from Ong Ming Teck on Sunday, he mentioned that he received news that Pauline Foo's husband Chan Soon Yan has passed away on Saturday. He was asking me for directions to go to their residence to pay his last respect.

This morning I meet up with him, he said that he could not locate the house, most probably, the funeral will be held at a funeral parlour.

Mr Chan Soon Yan's demise was printed in the obituary in The Star today. He was 56 years old and passed away peacefully on Saturday 23 July 2005 leaving behind his wife, Pauline Foo, and three sons Benjamin, Irwin and Andrew to mourn his loss.

The last time I seen him was at Mr Leng Jun Seng's Chinese New Year gathering. He was wearing a cap due to loss of hair from his chemo therapy. I was informed that he was suffering from lung cancer. I knew that he was a chain smoker from the first time we meet when he was the Assistant Branch Manager in Kepong branch where I reported to work on 1 February 1981. Since then he has move around until his resignation in 2003 or near that.

I will be paying my last respect from him at the Nirwana Memorial Centre today (25 July 2005) during lunch time.

24 July 2005

Breakfast on Sunday 24 July 2005

Wake up as usual... Love to see that my son Darren has pop into my room.
"What do you want for breakfast?" I asked
"Nasi lemak!" he said
"What nasi lemak? Wanna to have roti canai?" I said
"Yes. yes" as roti canai is one of his favourite food
"Well get dress and we will go over to the shop to buy it"

When I finish brushing my teeth, he has happily sitting on my bed ....waiting for me to take him out.
At the shop, we bought 12 pieces of roti canai plus 2 packets of "teh tarik".
"We have to be back by 9.00 a.m. to watch Hot Wheels Pursuit" he said
"Don't worry, we can make it back on time" I said

Finishing breakfast, I am off to my computer to log into the blog to log in this happening.


My name is Chan Kok Kuen. A Malaysian Chinese living in Kuala Lumpur.

I am a Manager in a local Bank, Public bank which have been attached since 1981. I rose fromrank and file to the present post of Manager of the Bank's Business Processes & Procedures where I oversee project involving work and process improvement of the Bank.

I am born on October 1961 in Kuala Lumpur. My parents are Chan Yee Cheong (still living today he is 74) and my mother Lai Moi Ha (she is 68).

I am married to Adeline Lim Guay Hwa, we are of the same age even though she is born in March 1961. We were married in September 1986 (bad of me not to remember the exact date).

I have 3 lovely children.

Carrie Chan Yan Yi, she is born in March 1988 and is studying.
Esther Chan Yen Yeng she is born in December 1990 and also studying in the same school with Carrie.
Finally, my son Darren Chan Siew Leong, he is in the primary school just next door to his sister's.

We live in a relatively big house at Alam Damai where we shitfted in on 14 October 2004.