26 July 2005

Final respect of Mr Chan Soon Yan Yan at Nirvana Memorial Hall

A moderate gathering of colleagues were at the Nirvana Memorial Hall to pay the last respect to Mr Chan Soon Yan.

When I reached the hall I managed to meet up with Pauline Foo, she looked very sad and from her swollen eyes I can see that she had shed much tears of sorrow. I approached and shake her hand offering my condolences.

We were not able to offer any jostick as the family was under the NSM belief. I signed the condolence book and offered my "pak kam". I was able to go to the coffin which was placed at the back of the alter. The body of Chan Soon Yan looks pale. He was bald which was from his chemo therapy.

I sat at the side of the hall, all by myself reminiscing the first time I met him at Kepong branch where he was the Assistant Branch Manager. I recalled how I was impressed by his good PR and his ability to speak all different Chinese dialets. The thought has made my heart heavy. The rememberence of him will always stay in my heart.

So long Mr Chan Soon Yan.

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