24 July 2005


My name is Chan Kok Kuen. A Malaysian Chinese living in Kuala Lumpur.

I am a Manager in a local Bank, Public bank which have been attached since 1981. I rose fromrank and file to the present post of Manager of the Bank's Business Processes & Procedures where I oversee project involving work and process improvement of the Bank.

I am born on October 1961 in Kuala Lumpur. My parents are Chan Yee Cheong (still living today he is 74) and my mother Lai Moi Ha (she is 68).

I am married to Adeline Lim Guay Hwa, we are of the same age even though she is born in March 1961. We were married in September 1986 (bad of me not to remember the exact date).

I have 3 lovely children.

Carrie Chan Yan Yi, she is born in March 1988 and is studying.
Esther Chan Yen Yeng she is born in December 1990 and also studying in the same school with Carrie.
Finally, my son Darren Chan Siew Leong, he is in the primary school just next door to his sister's.

We live in a relatively big house at Alam Damai where we shitfted in on 14 October 2004.

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