30 January 2006


On CNY eve, I got back to office for a while and invited my kids to join me. all of them willingly joined me since my wife still have to wrap up some last minutes matters at her office. Furthermore, the kids have not been to my office for some time. But I know they wanted the opportunity to go for last minute shopping at Suria KLCC.

Once I have finish my stuff at my office, off we go to Suria KLCC. As usual, my son was consistently pestering me to bring him to watch "Fearless" which premier on 26 January 2006. That time was about 10.30 am. and the next show was at 11.00 a.m., We bought the tickets. The theatre was rather empty with only the top three rolls being taken. It was obvious that all the city folks especially the Chinese has "balik kampong" for the CNY eve's reunion dinner.

Being such an empty theatre, it was rather cold. But the movie kept us warm.

The movie is about the biography of Hua Yuanjia one of the great martial arts experts of the early 20th century in China. A brief history of Hua is at the end of this posting.

This movie is great. Jet Li really make sure that his last martial arts movie is one that you should not forget. Great fight sequence, lovely scenery and a dash of a touching moment with blind girl which Hua meet when he in the dumps. There was a scene where his real daughter acted with him as the daughter of Hua.

I would recommend not to miss this good movie (in fact I am gearing up to buy the DVD when it comes out), with great fight scenes and also a good story line. To add on, the soundtrack is sang by my current favorite Chinese hip hop singer Jay Chou (I have even bought the DVD collection of his songs from his latest album November Chopin where the soundtrack and video of Fearless was included).

So if you have nothing to do, head on down to the cineplex to watch Fearless, money back guaranteed (not from me but from the producers of the movies).

A short biography of Hua Yuanjia
Foreign audiences might recall having seen Bruce Lee play Huo's apprentice in the 1972 production of Jing Wu Men. Huo hailed from the Tianjin countryside. He founded the Jing Wu Men Marital Arts School. He died on September 14, 1910 at the age of 42, just after he defeated 10 Japanese judokas. Rumor has it that Huo was poisoned in a conspiracy by the Japanese, a tale that was confirmed by Huo Zizheng, his great-grandson, in an interview with International Herald Leader on January 23. The only piece of written documentation on Huo is Biography of Modern Heroes, a novel by Ping Jiang Bu Xiao Sheng written in 1923. Later stories, TV and movie scripts were all based on that novel. The Chin Woo Athletic Association in Shanghai is the only proof of Huo's existence and story. The organization, which now covers many continents with branches in many parts of China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, England, Australia, the United States and Russia and organizes major kungfu and sports events, is nearly 100 years old. It remains faithful to the practice and instruction of my jhong boxing.

Some background information on Fearless
Fearless is a story about Chinese martial arts guru Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910), who founded the Jing Wu Men (Chin Woo) martial arts school in Shanghai. He practiced and taught "mi zong quan," also known as "my jhong," a Shaolin style kungfu based on deception.

To the Chinese, Huo is a national hero because he competed and won many judo and kungfu competitions. His victories were particularly important because they occurred at a time when China was under the heavy influence of foreign powers.

Li explained that the movie is less a story of Huo Yuanjia the man than it is an expression of his spiritual path.

Preparations for the movie started in 2003. It was also incidentally the time that Li discovered that 280,000 people in China commit suicide every year. He hopes the movie encourages those who have lost faith in life to be strong again.
As big a national hero as Huo might be, there are few written records of him or his life. Li admitted that much of the movie's plot is fiction, although settings and time periods are based on fact. "We just want to tell a convincing story in which Huo is portrayed as a human, not a god," Li said.

Li can relate to Huo's story because he, too, has been through his fair share of ups and downs, having worked hard to make his mark in Hollywood and Hong Kong.

"Huo's attitudes towards life, the world and martial arts depicted in the movie are similar to mine," Li said. "He died at the age of 42, and I am 42 now. I've tried to reflect the philosophies of people my age in the movie. And the main message that I hope to convey through the movie is: live your life positively," Li said.

Fearless will be his last movie that has martial arts as its core subject matter. Li said he no longer wants to make movies in this genre because he has said all he has to about martial arts through movies. But he will continue doing action and kungfu movies because, to him, the three are of different genres.

"Action and martial arts stories only use the form of martial arts. Kungfu represents a concept of time. You spend time practicing it, and you learn new skills. Martial arts are an overall concept, which also includes nurturing the soul.

Shot in Shanghai, Fearless was directed by Ronny Yu Yan-Tai, a much sought-after Hong Kong director in Hollywood. Collin Chou, who gained Western popularity for his performance in The Matrix Reloaded, plays Huo's father. Sun Li, a rising Chinese starlet, plays Yue Ci, a fictional blind character who supports Huo when he is down.

Other members of the cast include Japanese actor Nakamura Shidou and mainland actor Dong Yong. The movie's stunt director is the respected Yuen Woo Ping, who has many of Hong Kong's great kungfu epics under his belt.

Unfortunately, fans won't see any of Li in the movie. For the sake of keeping the action-packed pace of the movie, the movie was cut from its original 143 minutes to just 103 minutes, leaving a fight scene with Li and a Thai fighter, and another with Malaysian former Bond Girl, Michelle Yeoh, on the cutting room floor.

Source: China Through a Lens

The 12 Zodiac Characters

Auspicious characters

27 January 2006

It's the year of the DOG

Yes, with the new lunar year around the corner, I would like to wish every visitor to my blog a happy, prosperous, and healthy year of the dog.

May you stay healthy and prosperous through the year and take care of yourself and your love ones too!!

26 January 2006

Zodiac Sign readings for an Oxen

Here are some facts (or myth) on my zodiac sign which is gathered from the following site:


Some of it are true while most of the content were general description of me. I have

The Ox

Those born under the influence of the Ox are fortunate to be stable and persevering.

The typical Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness the Ox exhibits when deciding to accomplish a task or an objective. As we used this great creature long ago to plow the soil day after day, so do Ox people labor through their daily responsibilities either at work or at home without complaint or gripe. Oxen know they will succeed through hard work and sustained effort and find no truth or benefit in concocting get-rich-quick schemes.

Years of the Ox

Ox years are second in sequence and recur every twelve years. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Ox year actually begins.


Pragmatic and down-to-earth, Ox people are motivated to work hard and have no respect for lazy or careless people. Although they can be easily trusted and find it easy to put trust in others, they are not dependent on friends and family and would rather find an answer or a solution themselves than to ask these people for help or guidance. However, others can, without a doubt rely on Oxen, who are always honest and meticulous about their responsibilities.

While they do not feel the need for many distant or acquaintance-oriented friendships, they value the strong bonds they share with their partners and families, and make close friends that last a lifetime.

Though they are quite open-minded, once Ox people have made a decision about something, they rarely change it. This is a defining characteristic that can be seen as obstinacy, but it is actually the way an Ox learns to be strong, brave and straightforward. It is the way the Ox learned to take on tasks and responsibilities and how he learns to be reliable for others. Oxen are more comfortable with the well-known as opposed to the unfamiliar. Yet, beneath their unpretentious, tranquil exterior lies a heart of gold and a motivation to prosper.


People born in the Year of the Ox share certain characteristics. The Ox sign is an abbreviated way of characterizing that individual’s personality. Following are features associated with the sign of the Ox.

Second in order, Chinese name—NIU, sign of industry

Hour—1am-2:59am Month—January

Western Counterpart—Capricorn


Obstinate, Pouty, Truthful, Motivated, Friendly, Apathetic, Genuine, Quick-tempered


The characteristics of the Ox sign are tempered by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth overlaying a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.


1901 AND 1961

Metal Ox people work harder and more scrupulously than most people, including other Oxen. They always show a boldness and drive and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Like all Oxen, they are completely trustworthy and dependable, but they are not ones to display their emotions freely or openly. These Oxen have the strength of steel, with a will to match. Often, this strength and ruthless will make it difficult for them to identify with the feelings of others around them. However, an Ox is always willing to defend what he knows to be true and won’t give up until he has proven what he knows to be true.



People born under the sign of the Ox usually have strong codes and work ethics. This can lead to a tendency to be a workaholic, and they should make an effort to relax more. Many Oxen work in relatively stationary occupations, and would benefit from squeezing a little exercise into their routines. They are prone to bone and joint problems - especially the knees - and must pay special attention to these areas. However, Ox people are usually strong and robust, and, according to ancient wisdom, should be blessed with long lives.


The Ox’s home is his castle, a place where he finds relaxation and peace from the everyday hustle and bustle of his career or responsibilities. This is where he spends time with his friends and loved ones. The Ox person doesn’t put a lot of effort into making his house stylish, for he would much rather be comfortable while reading the newspaper or watching television. He doesn’t spend much time indoors anyway—he wants to be outside, smelling the air, planting gardens and trees, which will usually be evidenced by the botanical literature you will find on his bookshelf or on his coffee table. Ox people prefer to live in the country. The Ox generally prefers to decorate his home with nature’s colors, i.e. golds, greens and oranges.

However, since the Ox is associated with January, winter colors might
be more appealing.



Able, ethical and aware, colleagues of the Ox will marvel at their methodical approach and will depend on their eyes for detail. Oxen are not phased by routines, probably because they are so well-organized. They are better-suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies. They do, however, work best when they work alone since they can be unhappy when participating in a large group.


Oxen believe in security, and thus don’t usually take wild risks or financial gambles. They are meticulous about spending money and work hard to ensure they will be able to retire comfortably.


Those born in the Year of the Ox share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. The occupations best suited for the Ox are listed below:


Interior designers
Army Officers
Quarry Workers
Investment brokers
Real estate agents


Whether Oxen are compatible with their business partners depends on whether their signs are harmonious or antagonistic to those of their business partners. Considering the congruity of their own characters and the characters of their business partners can also be very useful.

Leisurely activities and pleasures


The Ox is a lover of stability, a great traditionalist and a homemaker. Rarely would you expect an Ox person to be an extrovert pleasure-seeker. They are happiest in the peace of their own home territory.

Oxen Like:

Color Preference: Violet
Gems and Stones: Jade, Emerald, Moss-Agate, Lapis-Lazuli
Suitable Gifts: Kitchen accessories, gardening and planting books, cookbooks, bonsai trees
Hobbies and Pastimes: Body-Building, Baking, Gardening, Listening to music, Sewing

Oxen Dislike: Making small talk, foolish games, feeling insecure


Actually, Oxen are homebodies, preferring the lure of the sofa or the garden to extravagant vacations far away from home. They are very happy just staying at home, spending their summer vacations catching up with the hobbies and pastimes that their workloads have prevented them from taking on previously. Whether they are planting flower beds, or enjoying a sunset on their newly-built front porch, it is all quite satisfying to them. If they do decide to take a trip, you can bet they’ll head for the hills to do some hiking or rock climbing.


Oxen are not the most sociable people and tend not to mix easily in social gatherings. Instead, they would rather be at home, enjoying their privacy and anonymity. Unlike the Rat, the Monkey, or the Rooster, the Oxen tend not to have a little black book, preferring a few very loyal friends to a large network of acquaintances. Oxen do know how to shine at social occasions, but more often than not they dislike small talk. These are wary people, unlikely to ignite friendships on the spur of the moment. They like to take their time and get to know people before disclosing themselves fully. A happy, solid relationship with their partner and children is the most satisfying goal they could accomplish.


Oxen make very protective parents. People born under this sign will unselfishly work their fingers to the bone to provide a thriving, happy and secure home where their children feel safe. In return, however, the Ox mother and father demand that their youngsters be courteous, respectful and polite. In comparison to other parents, Oxen can seem a bit authoritarian but they are conventional and believe in instilling within their children a belief system. A good education is especially important and by utilizing their educational opportunities, Oxen children can make their lives and relationships with their parents a lot easier. Ox parents expect their children to listen, behave and be attentive while they are at school. Showing rebellion is the fastest way to be punished in the Oxen household.

Oxen, especially female Oxen, tend to start their families early on and completely immerse themselves in caring for and parenting their children. This can lead to dependent children and can pose a problem for parents who are trying to teach their children to become self-reliant.


Some parents click immediately with their children and some find they will never have a close relationship no matter how hard they try to make it happen. Following are the compatibility ratings between Oxen parents and their children.


Oxen dislike chit-chat. They don't have fun at parties and as aforementioned, don’t have a ton of friends. They are not very sociable and would rather be spending their time at home with their families. When the Ox is in love, he does not confirm his feelings verbally, preferring to show you how he feels rather than tell you. An Ox will take a long time to decide if you are the right match for him because Oxen hate change, and want to find someone who is ready to embark upon a stable marriage. Oxen never rush into anything and are not flirtatious people. Once they have committed to you they will usually be faithful and expect reciprocation of their honorable actions.


Unfortunately, many Ox marriages do fall apart after a couple of years, possibly because the Ox is too dominant or inflexible. Perhaps it's because, Oxen tend to place blame on everyone but themselves. But if an Ox fortunate, and has chosen wisely, the couple can build and maintain a close-knit family to which the Ox will completely devote himself.



These Oxen are good employers and employees because they are easy to get along with and listen to what you have to say. They like to keep the peace and don’t like to rock the boat. They are always trying to achieve perfection personally and romantically.

25 January 2006

Eat, Eat ,Eat and worry later!!!

This is an anecdote pinned on the noticeboard of the dietetics department at Monash University, Melbourne:


Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attack than the
Aussies, British or Americans.

Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attack than the
Aussies, British or Americans.

African drinks very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attack than
the Aussies, British or Americans.

Italian drink large amount of red wine and suffer fewer heart attack
than the Aussies, British or Americans.

Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and
suffer fewer heart attack than the Aussies, British or Americans.


Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

I think about Malaysian is that eat lots of nasi lemak and drink alot of teh tarik and suffer more heart attacks!!!

Another "cute" SMS that received from my good friend En AJF:

A 75 year old man got married to a 15 year old girl.
On their first night, both were crying.
She didn't know anything and he forgot everything!!

14 January 2006

Volkswagen to end partnership with Proton

Extract from BusinessWeek Online:

AN. 12 7:57 A.M. ET Automaker Volkswagen AG said Thursday it was ending its strategic partnership with Proton Holdings BHD, abandoning their plan to build cars in Malaysia.

The companies set up the strategic partnership in September 2004 with the aim of setting up an assembly line for VW cars in Malaysia.

But the arrangement ran into a roadblock last year amid Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen's efforts to obtain a majority stake and management control of the national automaker.

Proton, controlled by the government's investment arm, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, had said it was open to selling an equity stake to Volkswagen but ruled out ceding control to Europe's biggest carmaker.

VW Chief Executive Bernd Pischetsrieder told analysts at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that the company had specific ideas about how to go forward with Proton. He did not elaborate.

"Unfortunately, the Malaysian government and Proton had other ideas," he said.

Shares of Volkswagen were up more than half a percent to euro47.90 (US$57.90) in Frankfurt trading.

Is it a blessing or a blow to Proton that Volkswagen to end the partnership with them? Even Proton themselves were thrown off guard with the annoucement was made in Detriot. Volkswagen did not even have the guts to announce it in front of Proton.

The previous big news on Proton was the disposal of Agusta for only Euro1. That created another controversy, an investment of more than RM700 million just went down the drain. Writing off RM700 million man.... how can any sensible business entity just pour out hard earned money just like that!!!

Well, we will have to wait for more announcement from Proton and the Government soon.

Blogging 用中文

這是我的第一次嘗試寫在漢語在我的blog 。 我得到了翻譯從站點WorldLingo

嘿這是樂趣, 必須寫中文在我不能甚而讀的我的blog 什麼我書寫!!
(Translated in English : Hey this is fun, having to write Chinese on my blog where I could not even read what I am writing!!)

Jack Bauer - 24

I got hooked watching the show "24" sesson 3 last year which was shown on TV8. From then, the shown was again sown on AXN. Then AXN started the re-run of the 2nd season of 24. I was also hooked on to it. I came to know that the DVD shops in town are selling the whole in DVD box. The 4th season which has completed in the USA is also available in DVD box set. I could not help myself but to get a set myself since I was addicted to the show.

The box set came in 7 DVDs, each DVD consist of 4 episodes while the 7th DVD was a feature DVD of the making and deleted scenes of the the show. Each DVD cost RM10-00 (support the pirates) where the whole box set which comes with DVD and outer box casing cost me RM70-00.

I was glued to the TV watching episodes as the story build up.. heart pounding all the way covering each hour of the 24 hours the story evolved on. If you don't know about the story, you may log on to Wikipedia to have description of the show.

Season 5 of the show will start in the US this week end with a 4 hours season premiere.
I will have to wait for the show to end before the DVD box set is available.

Hi there!

For regular visitors to my blog, I apologies for not posting anything for a long time. You may be wondering what's have happen to me.

Well it has been quiet, since the new year, nothing much happened so not much to write on. Most of the time I have been wondering into other people's blog especially my daughter's blog where she post in her day to day experiences after completing her SPM. She getting hang of it ( just like his old man) in expressing herself. I would read her posting, some times I would post my comments in her chatterbox (ahh.. that's where I got my chatter box from!!)

The daily routine of getting up in the morning at 6.00 a.m. and getting ready to send my children to school still carry on. Work wise, nothing much happen because January is a slow month gearing up to the Chinese New Year holidays. The only the swing begins. But the normal agony and frustration of work is still happening.

Many of my seniors are retiring this year, so speculations of whose service is getting extended is a guessing game. Getting retired a 55 years old is too young in my opinion. The brains of a person is still active and strong at that age. What frustrates me is that many people are getting ready for the announcement of a five-days week. To me having a five days working week isn't too welcome because I will be lazing at home on Saturday or the kids will have to taken out where I need to spend more money for traveling and food. I was joking with my colleagues that I will need to look for a new hobby when the five days week sets in. I have in mind to sign up to a fitness gym to work out... I knew that there are too many people getting sickly nowadays... breast cancer and stroke cases are very common now especially for people of whose age are in the early 40's.

The Chinese New Year is coming... bad news for me because I would need a whole bunch of money to buy this and that but most of all the money to be ready for the packing of hong pows. Bills to pay, hong pows to pay... ahhh where got so much money hah??? Guess what? I have not bought myself any new cloths for the new year.. I figured what to buy and why need to buy. The kids would need to buy and I have spent almost RM500-00 for their clothing.. me old man what to be so fashion hype about?

02 January 2006

Update to blog template - Chatterbox

I have created a Chatterbox section at my side navigation to facilitate those who wants to leave some "graffiti" at my blog instead of posting in your comments.