29 September 2007

A day at Pavilion KL

While browsing through the Flickr album of Soo HK, I happened to see some photos of models on the runway of a fashion show at Pavilion. I asked Soo whether there will be any more fashion show at Pavilion. He mentioned that the even will be still be on for this weekend. I told him that I wanted to go for a photo shoot of the fashion show at this new shopping mall which just opened on 20 September 2007. He said that he would be there too to practice shooting with his new Canon 40D camera. That's great and it would be the first time that we will be meeting face to face after being virtual friends for the past 2 years.

Pavilion is the newest mall to be opened in the city and it is located where the former Bukit Bintang Girl School was located. The school has since been moved to Shamelin area to allow the building of this massive project. The fashion show was the attraction to lure visitors to this new mall.

My children came along with me to Pavilion. They were strolling around the mall while I waited for the fashion show events to start and to shoot the models on the runway. I managed to meet up with Soo and he was not alone too, his wife from Bangkok was with him too. We had our chat and it was great to met up with him.

Lunch time, my children and I went down to the Level 1 where are many restaurants but there are still many undergoing renovation. We finally ended up at aIchiban Boshi. This restaurant has the longest sushi conveyor belt in the city. The sushi was fresh and terrific but cost a bit more than Genki Sushi. We were all full after having 14 plates of sushi and a bowl of ramen.

Here are some photos of the sushi:

After shooting 4 session of fashion shows (G2000, Focus Point, MNG and Topshop), I ran out of storage. I finished 2 CF cars totaling 3GB because I shot all in RAW format. We decided to make a move home and I got a surprise. The parking fee from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. cost me RM11-50... very expensive lor!!!

See the photos of the fashion show at my Flickr Album.

27 September 2007

My Filipino Angels

It has been a while since I did some posting to this blog. I have been kept busy in my project in Manila for the past 20 days. I am finally back home today after a long flight which was delayed for more than one hour.

It has been fun at Manila for the past 20 days even though most of my time is at the office from 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Why? Because I have been working with 5 lovely Angels. I call them my Filipino Angels.

Let me introduce them, the 5 Angels consist of Carmina, Donna, Shiela, Bernadine and Roxanne (who is also known as Yahoo). These girls were the project team officers have have been diligently working to ensure the success of the project which is still on going. They are young and energetic and I have fun working with them.

Here are two photos I have taken of the Angels. I promised them that I will be back to see them after coming back to KL. Actually come to think of it.. I am missing them already.

Here 4 of the 5 Angels - clockwise - Donna, Roxanne, Shiela and Bernadine

All the five of them with me in the middle , clockwise - Carmina, Bernadine, Sheila, Donna and Roxanne

15 September 2007

Makati skyline

Some photos of Makati skyline taken from the window of my hotel. This time I manage to secure a room at the 22nd floor of the hotel with a great view. However, I could not enjoy it much because I am at work in the day and by the time I am back, it is already night. I should have brought along by DSLR where I can capture the night lights!!

14 September 2007

Defibrillator at KLIA

I am pleased that KLIA is voted as one of the best airports in the world. I do enjoy coming to the airport early while waiting for my flight. Their waiting lounges are very comfortable and Wi-Fi is provided free where I can surf the net when time permits me.

While walking around the airport, I noticed that there was a defibrillator unit being hung on one of the pillars. This is the first unit I have ever seen at any places I have been too. The unit will come in very handy should there be a need to use it on a person who has a heart attack. But then again I wonder how many of us knows how to use a defibrillator!!

08 September 2007

In Manila again

I am in Manila again. The project time line was like a yo-yo, early on the time line was longer and suddenly it was shorten.

When I got to know that the time line was lengthen, I could find time to relax in Kl before my journey to Manila. Just out of a sudden and over a weekend, I was informed that the time time was back to status quo. My project task was again shorten and I was required to go into action.

I took the Thursday flight and started working on the same day immediately after checking into the hotel and 5.00 p.m.

I am now currently writing this post in the office where I am required to work through the weekend to get thing moving. But the agony is that my support staff would only arrive middle and end of next week and there are so much things to get prepared. So it looks like another not stop busy 2 weeks for me in Manila.

I hope that I can put in some time to get catch some photos of place which I can visit.