23 May 2006

Perodua overtakes Proton in Market Share

Extracted from http://www.paultan.org:

Proton and Perodua has been at each others heels since December last year when Perodua outsold Proton in monthly sales by 99 cars. Perodua’s lead was short lived when Proton outsold Perodua the following month by 550 cars. In February, Perodua outsold Proton again, beating Proton monthly sales figures by 763 units.

This time however, the Malaysian Automotive Association reports that Perodua’s monthly sales have topped Proton by a massive 4,284 units, making it have a market share of 44% (13,574 units) as opposed to proton’s 30.35% (9,290 units). For every Proton Savvy sold by Proton, Perodua sold 6 Perodua Myvis. The Myvi has proven to be a stunning success.

Hopefully the Proton Satria Replacement Model due to be launched before the end of this month will help with Proton’s downward sliding sales figures.

21 May 2006

Annual Sports Day

My son's school organised their 14th Annual Sports Carnival on Saturday, 20 May 2006. As usual, I got to get up early to send him over to the football stadium to attend the function. He's not an athlete and only participated in the march pass for his "Purple House". The usual stuff happened a sports carnival since my school days too, starting off with the march pass, the sports man pledge. This time around the sports carnival have a marching school band, a big Taiwanese tribe dance group and a Tae Kwan Do exhibition.

The whole thing end at 11.30 a.m. just when the sun was shining brightly over all over heads.

20 May 2006

Beauty pageant

The company organised a beauty pageant to choose a candidate to represent Head Office for the Grand Finale Beauty Pageant against contestants from other states. Twelve girls took parts and was held at a local auditorium.

As usual, my camera was busy snapping away and I ended up with more about 300 shots and these are the few nice one which I have chosen.
More photos at my photo blog.

15 May 2006

Is this true?

I could not believe what I am seeing!! Is this real?

13 May 2006

Asian Festival Of Speed

The Asian Festival of Speed is a series of races that are raced on the circuits in Sepang, Beijing, Bira (Thailand), Sentul (Indonesia), Zuhai (China), Taichung (Taiwan) and Macau. The series covers the following types of races, Asian Touring Car Championship, Formula Asia V6 by Renault, Carrera Cup and Formula BMW Asia. The race at Sepang was to be held on 14 May. I took the opportunity to go over to Sepang to see the practice and qualifying sessions and at the same time test my zoom len.

It took me some time to reach Sepang, since becauseI have never been there since racing events were held there (I rather sit in front of my TV to enjoy the race). I managed to go to the Grand Stand area since it was the practice and qualifying sessions where no entrance fee was required and the same time the Grand Stand was nearly deserted with only a few people there.

With my zoom len I managed to snap a few shots of the Renault and BMW cars.

The rest of the photos are at my photo blog.

Asian X-Games

I was all geared up to catch some images at the Asian X-Games at Sunway Lagoon. It was mentioned in their promotion messages and advertisement that it was FREE. When I reached the ticket booth a Sunway Lagoon, I mentioned that I wanted to watch the Asian X-Games, they asked whether I have a ticket. A ticket? What ticket? It was a pass ticket which I need to get it and can be obtained from the Digi counter in the shopping complex. Ohh.. OK off I go again to the Digi booth, the guy asked me whether I was a Digi subscriber... I said NO.. NO subscriber no pass.. what a shit!!!

OK what th hell, spent some time at the the shopping centre a managed to take a few shoot. Here the one I got of Neptune.

There was a patches exhibition at the main exhibition hall where patches work were displayed in conjunction with Mother's Day. The patches look very nice especially those with heart shape.

08 May 2006

Photos of me in action at Fashion Explorer

My friend Lye Hock managed to capture me in action during the photo shoot at Fashion Explorer on 6 May 2006.

See my new SB-600 flash attached to the camera!

Interesting though, we met Henry Lee who was shopping there. He was surprise to see me with my camera. He told he also have a D70 (not D70s).

07 May 2006

Fashion Elevation - more photos

I did not get to go to 1 Utama today, so here are some of the smaller photos posting. Larger one are available at my photoblog.

06 May 2006

Fashion Elevation Part 2

Not satisfied with my photography during the photo session at Fashion Elevation at 1 Utama on 29 April, I got myself some new addition to boost up my photos. I bought a SB-600 Nikon flash to improve the lighting. At the same time when I was a the shop (Foto Edar) I noticed that they have many zoom lenses. I asked for the price of the Nikon 70-300mm lens, I was given a quotation of RM380-00. Wow man cheap to have such a long zoom lens at that price... but it's the low end zoom lens which come on with F4 - F5.6. But what the heck I can still have a powerful zoom which I can use outdoor or if the lighting is strong.

So off I go on my second expedition at Fashion Elevation today a 1 Utama. As usual the old gang member were there including my friend Lye Hock. This time around the Nikons outnumbered the Canon but there were 2 persons using Fuji camera.

I was happy with the results of today's shooting. I managed to get a closer shoot of the model on the runway but there is still to improve on the lighting. I managed to shoot over 250 shoots when the batteries of the flash unit were dead. When took out the batteries from the flash unit, the batteries were hot, so that shows how much I have used the flash.

Some photos which I like are posted at my photo blog, but some smaller size ones are here.

I may be going back there tomorrow to have a final shooting session. After that the Fashion Elevation program ends at 1 Utama.