20 July 2008

New Photo Blog

I have just created a new Photo Blog called "Caesda Photos". This blog will be used to feature all my favorite photos which I have shot in large format. The photos are also available at my Flickr Album but you will need to click on the large image to see the details of the photos.

I hope you would enjoy the my new blog. Click here to navigate to the new blog.

19 July 2008

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

The image of my blog header is a picture of the scenery of Sam Rai Yot in HDR mode. HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a form of photography which is a technique that allows greater dynamic range of exposures between light and dark area of a photograph. The intention of the technique is to represent the wide ranges of intensity of an image during a shot.

I have been enjoying myself taking HDR images when I first learn about it. HDR imgaes can easily be done by using a DSLR with bracketing functions. Three or more continous shots of different intensity is done. Using the sofwares of Photomatix and Photoshop, the three shots are combined to form the HDR images. The result of the combination is that the colour ranges of the shot are really "blown out". The photo can be views as though it is shot in a 3-D mode. Here are some examples of HDR shots that have been done by me.

1. Ferris-Wheel HDR, 2. PICC HDR, 3. Hawker Association Building HDR, 4. The Bund - HDR, 5. The Clock Tower, 6. Seri Wawasan, 7. Seri Saujana, 8. Thean-Hou_5 - Phoenix 1, 9. Thean-Hou_5 - Dragon 2, 10. Thean-Hou_4 - Dragon 1, 11. Thean-Hou_3, 12. Thean-Hou_2, 13. Thean-Hou_1, 14. Glow of the Egyptian Call, 15. SH_HDR_001, 16. SH_HDR_001, 17. SH_HDR_002, 18. SH_HDR_003, 19. SH_HDR_004, 20. SH_HDR_006, 21. SH_HDR_007, 22. SH_HDR_008, 23. SH_HDR_009, 24. SH_HDR_010, 25. SH_HDR_012, 26. PDG_HRD_001, 27. PDG_HRD_002, 28. PDG_HRD_003, 29. PDG_HRD_005, 30. PDG_HRD_006, 31. PDG_HRD_004_1, 32. Kemanan HDR, 33. Shells HDR, 34. Temenggong Lake HDR_1, 35. Temenggong Lake HDR_2, 36. Phoenix_HDR

Layout changes

Time for a renovation of the layout of my blog. The previous layout has since been introduced since a year a go.

This time around I have changed the image of the header to the scenery of Sam Roi Yot which I shot during my trip to Thailand in December 2007. Some font and background colour changes.

Hope you like it!!

13 July 2008

Best wishes!!

Just want to add some photos of the lovely bride:

The Wedding of Demudu and Shim Yew Moi

On 7 July, I got a mail from Shim, who was my former colleague/staff in Public Bank attaching with three image files. The e-mails reads:

"Boss Boss……. ; ) ooops…..am getting married! Sent u an e-card, if you prefer to receive by hand, let me know k! Come n snap photos ler"

This is the first time that I have seen her in other dressing other than in a pair of pants

I was surprised when I opened up the attached to find out that the bridegroom if also one of my former colleague/staff Demudu. Why did I say surprise? I did not know that they were dating each other previously because I have not seen them together. At the same time, both their characters are different. Anyway, I am happy that they both have found each other, went through the courtship period and now its time to get married.

The wedding was held at the Sri Moogambigai Temple which was the temple which was "saved" from demolition with the developement of the Mid-Valley Shopping Complex. The temple was tucked away just outside the complex and is very popular with the local Indians.

Many of my former colleagues were invited to attend the wedding ceremony and I am happy to be able to meet up with them and chat with them. Most of my time spent at the cewremony was snapping away photos with my camera. At the end of the 2 hours ceremony, I have shot over 400 shoots.

All the photos are available for viewing at my Picasa Web Album(389 images) - just clik on the link or at my Flickr Album.

The lovely bride

Well I want to thank both Demudu and Shim who have invited me for their wedding ceremony and dinner.
Wishing both of you all the happiness as a new couple!!!

03 July 2008

Firefox 3 - Most number of software download in 24 hours

Firefox 3 managed to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. With my help, I am one of them who have contributed to the record of 8,002,530 downloads. To honour me, I was awarded with a Certificate for my contribution. Here is it:

01 July 2008

D700 is launched today

Even before I could get my hand on my own dream camera, the Nikon D300, D700 is launched today. Well the news of the the emergence of the D700 was around since a month ago. So it is perhaps the worst kept secret.

Anyway, the new D700 is actually a D300 with large FX sensor like the D3 which makes the D700 a full frame D300.

Would I get the D700? Well I guess no. Why? Because it is actually a full frame D300 where all the features of the D300 are present with the ability to shoot full frame. I am not a professional photographer and is not planning to be one to use a full frame camera. The price of 0f the D700 would cost between the D300 and D3 which is between Rm5,500 to RM15,000. The price I would guess would be around RM9,500-00 considering the price quoted in USD is USD2,995.00.

Well, I would not write much about it when you read more of it from Ken Rockwell. Follow this link.