01 July 2008

D700 is launched today

Even before I could get my hand on my own dream camera, the Nikon D300, D700 is launched today. Well the news of the the emergence of the D700 was around since a month ago. So it is perhaps the worst kept secret.

Anyway, the new D700 is actually a D300 with large FX sensor like the D3 which makes the D700 a full frame D300.

Would I get the D700? Well I guess no. Why? Because it is actually a full frame D300 where all the features of the D300 are present with the ability to shoot full frame. I am not a professional photographer and is not planning to be one to use a full frame camera. The price of 0f the D700 would cost between the D300 and D3 which is between Rm5,500 to RM15,000. The price I would guess would be around RM9,500-00 considering the price quoted in USD is USD2,995.00.

Well, I would not write much about it when you read more of it from Ken Rockwell. Follow this link.

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