19 July 2008

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

The image of my blog header is a picture of the scenery of Sam Rai Yot in HDR mode. HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a form of photography which is a technique that allows greater dynamic range of exposures between light and dark area of a photograph. The intention of the technique is to represent the wide ranges of intensity of an image during a shot.

I have been enjoying myself taking HDR images when I first learn about it. HDR imgaes can easily be done by using a DSLR with bracketing functions. Three or more continous shots of different intensity is done. Using the sofwares of Photomatix and Photoshop, the three shots are combined to form the HDR images. The result of the combination is that the colour ranges of the shot are really "blown out". The photo can be views as though it is shot in a 3-D mode. Here are some examples of HDR shots that have been done by me.

1. Ferris-Wheel HDR, 2. PICC HDR, 3. Hawker Association Building HDR, 4. The Bund - HDR, 5. The Clock Tower, 6. Seri Wawasan, 7. Seri Saujana, 8. Thean-Hou_5 - Phoenix 1, 9. Thean-Hou_5 - Dragon 2, 10. Thean-Hou_4 - Dragon 1, 11. Thean-Hou_3, 12. Thean-Hou_2, 13. Thean-Hou_1, 14. Glow of the Egyptian Call, 15. SH_HDR_001, 16. SH_HDR_001, 17. SH_HDR_002, 18. SH_HDR_003, 19. SH_HDR_004, 20. SH_HDR_006, 21. SH_HDR_007, 22. SH_HDR_008, 23. SH_HDR_009, 24. SH_HDR_010, 25. SH_HDR_012, 26. PDG_HRD_001, 27. PDG_HRD_002, 28. PDG_HRD_003, 29. PDG_HRD_005, 30. PDG_HRD_006, 31. PDG_HRD_004_1, 32. Kemanan HDR, 33. Shells HDR, 34. Temenggong Lake HDR_1, 35. Temenggong Lake HDR_2, 36. Phoenix_HDR

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