19 April 2008

Greetings from Shanghai

I have landed in Shanghai on Sunday, 13 April and have been here for the past 1 week. Time really fly. I managed to find the access to Blogger from China. It was surprise because because last year when I was in Shanghai, access to Blogger was blocked.

It has been a fully working week since I landed in Shanghai. Only last night, I managed to get out of the office before 10.00 p.m.. I managed to take a walk with my staff who is here in Shanghai for the first time. We walked all the way from the hotel to Lujiazhui area before we took the subway to Puxi and Nanjing Road.

Nothing changes much in Shanghai since last year except the the Shanghai Financial Center is almost completed and now has taken over Jin Mao Building as the tallest building in China. I managed to snap a photo of the two buildings together and guess which item in the photo is the tallest?.. Well it's the Moon!!!
I have to work through the weekend to ensure that the project is completed on time. I managed to sneak sometime to write posting. More photos will be posting as and when I can afford the time.

11 April 2008

Shanghai here I come... again?

After being in KL since my last overseas assignment in Manila, I have grown to love being at home, doing the stuff that I like and most of all being with my family.

On Sunday, I will travel to Shanghai for my assignment. It will be short but very intense assignment. Yeah, it's back to Shanghai after being away for 1 year. I was there last year when I was a rookie and still fumbling my way in my new company. Now after a year's of exposure, I am ready for a bigger challenge and project.

Actually I am on project with China but my team and I were operating remotely with the users from KL. Every evening my team and I will be on conference call with the users in Shanghai. The project was a small project and does not have a big budget, so traveling to Shanghai and being with the users there was not within the cost of the budget. However, this small project proves that we can operate from KL with any parts of the world. Luckily this project is having the same time zone with KL (there is no time difference between KL and Shanghai). Should the project be a project in the Middle East or Africa.. we would have till late in the night to work with the users.

Then came this project for China too, which has big budget and it is required to be down in less than 1 month, we took the opportunity to "piggy back" on the bug budget to be in Shanghai doing 2 projects in one go. Its a sacrifice for my team and I but its worth it since my team has not been to China and it was a good opportunity to mingle with the users that we were engaging all the while over the phone without knowing how they look like. The same goes for the users too, I think they would be anxious to see how looked like after hearing our voices all this will.

I am writing this post because I know that I cannot access Blogger from China. I had bad experience trying to put up a posting in Blogger from China because of their policy of baring access to Blogger. At the same time, I do not want my friends and visitors to my blog wondering what had happened to me for the next one month.

Well now you know.. I am off to Shanghai and crossing my fingers that I would be able to put up some stories of my stay there. In the meantime.. cheers!!!

05 April 2008

Where do I download my torrents?

To Daniel who asked me where did I download my torrents?
Well I download most of my torrent from this site:

www. mininova.org

This site host the most up to date movies, games, software, books, pictures and TV shows. The site is free and does not require any sign-up. At the same time, I would like to mention that I use Bitcomet has by download client. The client integrate very well with Firefox which is the internet browser that I am using.

You may also add another add-on for Firefox which is Flashgot which is also a good download assistance.