31 August 2005

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Today we celebrate the 48th birthday of Malaysia. I read in the papers there is a dispute over the birthday of Malaysia which should be 42 instead of 48 because in 1957 it was the independence of Malaya and Malaysia was formed in 1963 with the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak. But what the heck... we celebrate the independence day all over MALAYSIA.

For today my son, Darren has been so persistent requiring me to take him to the new aquarium at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Aquaria which has recently opened. Finally, the whole family came along in our new car (see previous postings). I was counting the entrance fee before we reach there, imagine it cost RM38 for an adult and RM26 for a child. The whole family's entrance fee will cost me a whopping RM216-00.

When we reach KLCC, at about 10.50 a.m., there were many cars at the car park. Luckily, we managed to get place at P3. To access to KL Convention Centre, we have to walk through the connecting tunnel from the concourse area of KLCC, the tunnel was packed with many many many people who have the same intention of visiting the Aquaria.

Halfway through the tunnel, there was a guide from Aquaria who was directing a long queue. He mentioned that this is the queue to line up to the ticket counter and it will take 2 1/2 hours to reach the ticketing counter. What 2 1/2 hours???? Forget it!! Everyone's legs will give way even before we can go into see the fishes!!!

We decided to shop around KLCC instead. Had lunch at Spring Garden. Good food at a price. Like my fellow blogger at Aperture Priority, this will be the first time that I am posting the food that had at Spring Garden.
Darren's favorite "Siu Mai" - RM8-00 a tray

Snake kacang panjang in XO sauce - RM18-00

Darren enjoying his meal. The peanuts tidbits were nice cost RM5-00 each. 2 plates were delivered to our table.

Esther and me

By the time we leave KLCC which was about 2.30 p.m., KLCC was crowded with ocean of people and the car park was packed full, there was a car waiting for my parking lot even before we leave.

Driving the new Honda Accord

Since taking delivery of the new Honda Accord last Friday, 26 August 2005, I have logged in slightly over 500 kilometers as at today (31 August 2005). I was requested to make an evaluation of my experience of the new car. I could not write on the evaluation earlier because I would need some time to get adjusted to the car and at the same time try it out on different road conditions.

Well today after logging in 500 kilometer, I can write some of my experience with the car.

Very Very Spacious

The Accord is definitely spacious. The driver seat hugs to me very well and it makes driving and comfortable. Furthermore, the arm rest is very comfortable with a smooth fabric upholstery. The front passenger area is also very spacious. My son looks like a dwarf when he is sitting in the seat as compared when he was sitting in the City, he managed to fill up all the seat area. He told me that he could not reach the car ceiling when he raised his hand, so the spaciousness does not only confine to the width but also to the height of the car.

I took a visit to the back passenger seats. It was again very spacious. Just imagine my son who is also 4 feet in height can lie across the seats without any difficulties. I was again surprise when the distant between my knees and the driver seat still have 6 inches to go. The real test came when 4 members of my family are sitting there. None of them complaint that there not comfortable or no leg room. When they sat in the City, my son and daughter always have to fight with each other and also with my mother-in-law to sit comfortably in the rear passenger seats.

The boot area... again it is so spacious that my son commented that two person can lie and sleep in the boot area. What surprises me was from the exterior, the boot area looks short but when the boot lid is open... it looks like a "warehouse". Annuar like the boot when he commented that it has "wall to wall carpeting". Yes, the whole boot area is covered with a nice and good quality velvet type of material.

Driving it

I have to "re-learn" driving again because the Accord is very much bigger that the City. I had difficulties adjusting to the bigger width and the height of the Accord. I finally adjusted myself after two days and was handling the Accord like I handled the City. When Khairul was in my car yesterday (we when to Road House Grill for lunch), he commented that I was swing the car here and there. However, parking the car at my house car poach area was a challenge. Two cars, mine and my wife who is driving an Unser parked at the car poach. I have to move the car closer to side of the poach to allow her car to park side by side. Then in the morning, reversing the car out of the poach was another challenge, not to knock my wife's car and the gate.

On Sunday night, the real challenge came. The last minute decision was to drive to Gotong Jaya (GJ) for dinner and that was at 7.30 p.m. This will be my first time driving to Genting area at night. The drive up to GJ was exciting, the Karak highway was pitch dark and with one lane closed for most of the journey. Going up and down the steep slopes before GJ was another excitement but the Accord handled it with ease with my whole family (6 of us) in the car.

I could not careless of previous advice not to rev up the car before hitting the 1,000 kilometer mark. I was hitting at speed of 120 kph and the tachnometer was hitting up to 5,000 rpm.

Sound system

Before taking delivery of the Accord, I was at a car accessory shop. I asked the shop owner how I can improve the sound system of the Accord. She (yes, it's a "she") said that I could add an amplifier to boast up the sound. She added that the sound system of the Accord is already good enough. Well, she's right. The sound system was good. The sound balance of the front and rear speakers were good. My daughter, Carrie commented that she feels like she's in a sound room when listening to the radio in the car. Just imagine what a CD would sound like.. GOOD!!


On Monday, the car was sent to Tint-Shop for tinting of the wind screens. I choose the Goldust tinting for the windows which I find it suitable. From the outside a gold reflection can be seen. The front and the back windscreens were V-Kool tinted. Total cost RM1,900. I tested the insulation and the tinting did help very much in reducing the heat in the car. Soo Yew Meng commented that the V-Kool is worth it since his CRV has it too. He only need to turn the thermostat of the air-cond to middle on a hot day thus reducing his fuel consumption on the long run.


Well I think this posting is long enough and so much good things have been mentioned. From the sound of it , you know that I am enjoying my new toy.

I will continue in future postings. In the meantime, this is the photo of Darren enjoying himself in the Accord today (31 August 2005).

Photo credit: Taken with Olympus Mini Myu

29 August 2005

1st Prize for Magnum 4D - 9959

Guess what? The first prize for Magnun 4D draw on Sunday was 9959 very very close to my new car registration number 9955.

Real close, but too bad even with all the permutation of 9955, striking the first prize is still out of reach... better luck next time!!!

28 August 2005

Goodbye 9935 Hello 9955

If you have read my earlier posting on "My Motoring Experience" and remembered the content, the posting was written as a run up to today's posting.

I usually change my car every four years... the Honda City has been with me for five years... well time for a change and upgrade of my car.

Guess was, it was goodbye to my faithful Honda City Type Z WHJ9935... Hello to my new Honda Accord WNE 9955.

Look, the black beauty parked outside my house.

That was the reason why I have not been doing any posting since Friday... been too busy getting the car and getting familiarise with it. More stories on the car coming your way and on how the whole thing started.

25 August 2005

Changes to my blog

I have made the following "enhancements" to my blog:

  1. Google search box.. will definitely help you to look for any thing on the net at ease.
  2. Adsense by Google which was recommended by my blogger pal, Lye Hock. Make my blog looking like a advertisement blog. Please click on any ad link that will link you things that may interest you.
  3. Hit counter - to show how many of you have visited my blog since 24 August 2005. I am please to see the numbers growing by the day.
  4. Site Tracking link... bad publicity, a "BUY VIAGRA" pop up will appear when you click on it... NOT MY FAULT. It came with the requirement of the link. For your information I still do not need any viagra.

Mooncake from Pauline and Great Eastern

Pauline was at my office today. To my surprise, she has brought me a pair of mooncakes which was packed into a very nice and decorative box. I could not open the box initially. Very nice and thoughtful of her.Thanks Pauline for the mooncakes.

Wish there are many people like her (I can get more and more mooncakes...he...he...!!!).

I would also like to thank the staff of Great Eastern who also have presented me with mooncakes. The mooncakes are specially prepared by Tai Thung Restaurant. Each mooncake bears the Great Eastern lion logo. Great Eastern has commissioned the restaurant to make the special mould for the mooncakes. Thanks Lai Kin for bringing the mooncakes to me.

The two boxes of mooncakes that I have received.
The lovely box that came with the mooncakes given by Great Eastern

Photo credit goes to my old fateful camera the Nikon Coolpix 885

A photo from the 2005 award winning photo weblog

A nice photo shot in Quebec posted at http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/

24 August 2005

Comments re-open for all

I have been requested by a fond visitor to my blog to re-open the comments to my postings. Since he (it's a "he") is an ardent fan... I have decided to accede to his request.

However, please leave a clue of who you are should you want to remain anonymous!

Thank you .

23 August 2005

My motoring experience

Today I want to talk about my motoring experience since I got my driving license in early 1981 which the same year I joined the Bank. I joined the Bank in February and got my driving license in August. However, I could not afford to get myself any wheels when I started working.

After working for 6 months, I managed to save enough money to get myself a Honda Cub C70. At that time, it cost about RM2,500-00 (that's a lot of money at that time considering that I was earning only RM330-00 a month). The motorcycle registration number was WAD 8834. When took possession of the bike, I have not ridden a motobike in my life! I was on a "L" plate and sad to day that till today I do not have a motorcycle class in my driving license (I know that there are people out there laughing at me!!). I had a bad experience of falling off the bike while I was on the way to take my banking examination at University Malaya.

After having the bike for about one year in 1982, I was able to save enough money (from my overtime earnings) to buy my first car. My first car was a two door red coloured Honda Civic which I bought from a used car dealer at Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah called Ban Fatt (the motor dealer does not exist today). The car registration was BAW 7017. Being a secondhand car, there were many problems with the car which was mainly caused by the carburetor. But I managed to get much fun with the car with my ex-girlfriend (who is now my wife). I did not have any savings since having the car after having spent the money on the car repairs, petrol and other compulsory expenses.

In 1985, my father bought a new Nissan Sunny, he offered me to takeover his old 1979 Datsun 120Y (the B310 the workhorse Datsun which was very popular for many years). In return, I traded in my Honda Civic for his new Nissan Sunny. The registration of the Datsun 120Y was WQ 6556.

I have the Datsun for over 5 years until 1990 when I was promoted and transferred to Internal Audit. I was required to travel outstation frequently and at the same time, we have shifted to out of my parent's house. My wife needed a car to travel to and fro from work and back t the house while I was outstation. So we decided to get the newly launched Proton Saga Iswara while still keeping the old Datsun 120Y which was used by wife. The registration number of the Proton Iswara was WCU 9549. It was a metallic blue colour car and my first BRANCH NEW car. I traveled extensively with the car all over Malaysia on my audit trips. The car had been very reliable and was also very economical (I used synthetic motor oil and adjective Tuff Coat which is Teflon based to make the engine wall smoother to reduce friction).

In 1996, I stopped traveling and was assigned to major system conversion project. It was time to change the car again and this time around the hottest and highly in demand car was the Proton Wira. I only managed to get the Wira after 6 months waiting time (at that time you cannot have a choice of colour, it was take it or leave situation at Proton). The Proton Wira was a blue colour one and have the registration WFA 5918.

I was transferred to BPP in 1997 and was still having the Wira. On Valentine's day in 2000, after having a romantic lunch with my wife at the famous Sakura Restaurant at Jalan Imbi, we walked over to the Honda dealer Roda BB to book our new Honda City Type Z. The car was delivered in two weeks time and have the registration number WHJ 9935.

The Honda City is a powerful car, considering that it has 100 horsepower on a 1.5 litre engine. I enjoyed the car very much. I am still having the car at the moment..... but there are good things yet to be announce. Keep viewing my blog for exciting happening!!

My Honda City parked outside my house

The dashboard.
The Sony single disc player which is hooked up to an amplifier and Kenwood speakers.

Photo credit: All photos were taken using my Nokia 3230 handphone

21 August 2005

New fishes for my aquarium

Remember the last time I wrote about my aquarium. Many fishes died and I told myself to stop buying any more fish for the aquarium. TODAY, my son Darren who requested me to take him to the giant pet store at Ikano Power for the purpose of just to look for artificial plants for the aquarium..... I commit a sin....I bought five (5) new goldfish.

This time around we managed to gain some advise from the store assistant. I told him my predicament on the white spots that developed on the fish after a few days and subsequently the fish died. He said that the white spots developed due to difference in the water temperature. He advised not to put the fish directly into the aquarium when I bring it home. The plastic bag have to place in the aquarium to climatize the temperature of the water of the aquarium and the water in the plastic bag before releasing the new goldfish into the aquarium.

From the conversation with the store assistant, I noticed that he spoke English in a funny way (which was also noticed by my children) and also his dark skin complexion, I asked him whether he is a Burmese. He replied that he was from Mynamar. Nice chap and thanks for his valuable advise.

This time around, we bought five goldfish. One of the goldfish was chosen by daughter, Esther.. guess what it cost me RM20-00. The most expensive goldfish I have bought so far. It a Calico Bubble Eye goldfish. She liked the bubble eyes which look very fragile to us and we wonder whether the bubble might burst and what will happen to the fish. I hope to post the photo of the fish later on. The other four fish are RM3-00 and RM2-00 each.. cheaper.

Let's hope the advise from the shop assistant works, would be a waste of my money again to buy such an expensive goldfish.

Comments from TT

I received a comment from a person identified as "TT". Sad to say, you know me but I regret to say I don't know who you are!

I am very happy and welcome all comments to my blog. I have set comments at my blog to be all people where they would not require to register themselves. However, in view that I could not identify who "TT" was, I have now resort to require only registered response at my blog.

Do not treat my action as hostile, all comments can still be e-mailed to me by clicking on the e-mail link on my blog which will direct all comments to my e-mail at kokkuen@gmail.com

Thanks TT for your comments but I could not log to the blog that you have recommend me which is "Project Petaling St Blogging site". Hope that you can write to my e-mail address for more details... I am interested to see what the place has install for me!

17 August 2005

How to get away with a traffic ticket

While I was driving back from office yesterday night(about 7.30 p.m.), got a call from Chua Choon Ming on some issues on the LHDN project. That was when I approaching Jalan Peel. I have to make a few calls to Damien back in office to confirm on some matters. As I was turning to Jalan Cheras, a bike on the left side of my car started to horn me. Guess what, it was a traffic cops. SHIT!!!

I pull to a stop at the side of Jalan Cheras, pull down my door wind shield and waited for the cop to approach me. I took out my wallet because I know what he wanted (hey this is not the first time I am pull over by a cop). He asked for my driving license and whether I was on the phone while I was driving. I admitted that I was on the phone. He asked whether I wanted a summon. I said YES.

He went back to his bike and pull out his summon book and approached me again. This time around he asked for my I/C. I sensed that he wanted some thing and asked again whether I wanted a summons for my offences. I said to him to give me the summons because I admitted that I was guilty of using a phone without hands free unit.

He asked again to confirm whether I wanted the summon... I said again I wanted the summon. I could sense that he wanted something else (you all know what lah).

In the end guess what, he said that he is too lazy to issue me a summons and said that he will record down my car's registration number.

OK, good.. off I go again.

Lesson learned... Insist on a summons if you can afford to pay it or if you've connections to discount the summons. Do not give in to their request of you know what!!!!

16 August 2005

Why... Great Expectations?

Noticed that Chuah change the name of his blog to "Aperture Priority.." Then I though about it, why should I name of by blog "My Life and Time"? Well the first name was just a thought that came out for a purpose to use the blog to record what had happened to my life along the time I am logged on to the blog.

Then again why such a simple name... no class at all.

Why "Great Expectations"?

After I started my blog and have invited some of my friends to view it, after reading my postings, most of them were actually looking forward to my next posting! Serious!

So, my "audience" is expecting my postings in my blog.

That's why the name "Great Expectations".

Well, just like my audience, I would always expect some interesting thing to be posted in my blog. So read on and on and expect more great posting to come along.

Signing off for tonite!!!

14 August 2005

External Hard disk

To continue on my story from the PIKOM PC fair, I would like to post the photo of the external hard disk:
The external hard disk nicely resting on top of my pc together with my multi card reader and my wireless USD adaptor.

The disk have been partioned into 2 partions.

Fishes and the aquarium

One of the main thing to do when we shifted to our new house is to enhance the Feng Shui. This is done to harmonies the life of my family. There was also the hope of prosperity. Overall with good Feng Shui, I hope for good harmony and good health to my family.

One of the way to enhance Feng Shui is to have living things in the house. My kids are not too good in taking care of pets. Previously, we have had hamster and birds as pets but the kids only were interested in it in the beginning and they just left it to the adults at home to take care of it. The family also considered to have a dog at home but we have no experience taking care of dogs. So we were very skeptical in having dogs.. who will take it for walk? what to do with the dog's "shit"?

So in the end, in July my son Darren and I decided to get and aquarium. We scouted around for one and in the end we ended buying an aquarium with accessories and decorations for about RM1,200-00. The whole package consist of the tank, the cabinet, the water filter, sand and pebbles and artificial plant. No fish yet.

Next, sat down with the family to decide what sort of fishes we want to keep. It was unanimous... GOLD Fish. The next day the whole family was off to Pudu Ulu to a fish shop where we bought about RM80-00 of gold fishes, various species of the gold fishes.

It's fun looking at the fishes in the tank as they swim about. Everyone in the family enjoyed looking at the fish. Since the aquarium is just next to the dining table, it added joy looking at the fishes when we are having our meal at the table.

Since then, I have bought more gold fishes but they ended up dead leaving today the pioneer gold fishes that are still alive. Here is how the aquarium looks like:

Till today I think have spent close to RM200-00 buying fishes. Most and almost all of the fishes only lasted for a week then it developed white spots. Carries can easily detect fishes with white spot and would know whether the fish is sickly. The next day the fish will die. I jokingly said that the new fishes cannot survive due to the "curse of the old (pioneer) fishes".

The last gold fish I bought was on 9 August, cost me RM4-50. Today, it has developed some white spots on it's head and undergoing therapy and rehabilitation in the therapy tank. I hope that the fish can survive.

Today, we bought a Bandaraya fish(it's the brown colored fish seen hiding in the photo above). It cost RM2-50 and was very effective in cleaning up the fungus that have grown on the artificial plants.

I will write on the development of our aquarium as times goes by.

Visitors to my blog

Since I started blogging, I have invited my colleagues to view the contents of my blog. I am very proud to say that all of them enjoyed what I have written so far. All of them understood the content of my blog since the events also were experienced by them too (well some of it actually). Some of them asked how to go about blogging, I gladly told them how to go about it but I guess they may not be as keen as I am in blogging.

I was surprise that Chuah Lye Hock was into blogging too. He somehow found out of by blog address and call to tell me that he has a blog too. I proud to say that he has linked my blog from his blog. However, I have not done the linkage from mine to his.. but I have to get his AP first before proceeding!!

Well, Chuah I am awaiting the AP from you to go ahead to link your blog to mine.

12 August 2005

Good Luck Sivasubramaniam

Well today we had a small celebration for Mr Sivasubramaniam (who we fondly know as Siva) on his second last day with the Bank. From Saturday (13 August 2005) onwards, Siva will be on 18 months unpaid leave. Siva will be going off to Scotland to do his MBA for the same period of time.

It happen just about 1 1/2 months ago, Siva approached me to inform me that he has received offer to do his MBA. I felt proud that he inform me of his intentions so that I can prepare for his absence from the office. However, he is not sure whether he will be taking up the offer where he needs to consider his financial position and also whether his application for unpaid leave will be approve. I told him not to worry about his application for the unpaid leave because I will definitely recommend his application.

Happy to say, his application for 18 months unpaid leave was approved. He has obtained financial assistance to support his course.

Yesterday, the staff held a collection of funds to have a small farewell and well wishes gathering for Siva. He actually requested not to have the gathering so as not to "publicize" his departure.

Well today, at 4.00 p.m. the food came and a gathering was held with the presence of all BPP staff. I had the honour to give Siva a small token of the staff's appreciation which was a Sheaffer ball point pen. What was fun was the food that was served in the gathering. There was a jelly cake which was in the form of a girl in bikini.

Siva had the honour of taking away the girl's "virginity" by cutting at the groin area of the girl.... Everyone was eager to have a piece of the girl in the appropriate parts (guess where is the most popular part???)!!

Apart from the jelly, there was a new dish which had... Mee Hoon Kerabu. It's mee hoon, white fried with vegetable and strips of fried eggs. It has sweet, sour and spicy taste. Great. I found out from Sophia that the mee hoon was order from a Chinese lady who serve breakfast at Kampung Attap!

Other than that we had Domino piazzas, drinks and another Secret Recipe cake. On top of the cake was written "We Love Handsome Siva"

Wow I did not know that he was known as "Handsome Siva". Well, Siva mentioned that since he will not be around, the Handsome title will be transferred to Leong Chee Moon for the next 18 months. What??? We have a "Handsome Leong" in the house???

Finally, I would wish Siva good luck and safety during his 18 months in Scotland.

09 August 2005

Some more photos from the Annual Dinner courtesy of Chuah Lye Hock's NEW camera

Cake cutting ceremony
Some of the cast of Phantom of the Opera

Cast of Moulin Rouge... look what the "guy" in white is holding???

Moulin Rouge again

Phantom of the Opera in action

The Cats.. look at the detail of the costume and the make up

Many many Cats

Staff performance

Look .. it's Ei Na

08 August 2005

Me and Pauline at the 39th Anniversary Dinner

Faridah in her winning costume and "boat"

The lovely girls from BPP, from left Monica, Lai Ching, Ei Na, Mei Fong (wow), unknown girl and Khim (wow wow)

Photos from Pauline Goh's camera at the annual dinner

Three lovely ladies at the dinner, Pauline Goh, Sophia Chan and Chua Suann.

Ephrem Louis, Pauline Goh, Jeffrey Koh and Grace Loke

Hail the "Tai Kam" Emperor Steven Yong

Public Bank 39th Annual Dinner

As usual the annual dinner was held at Sunway Convention Centre (where else is there a hall which can accommodate all the lovely people). The 39th Annual dinner (the first dinner was the 15th) was held on 6 August 2005.
Lovely lovely.. well see the photo that I took with Pauline Goh, the quiet girl (I think!!!) from IT.

This year's theme was Magical Asia.. but the staff competition was Broadway... what a miss match.

The hall was opened at 6.10 p.m. (10 minutes delayed) to allow all the staff in... we being, Managers were not allocated a numbered seat but there were 12 tables reserved for all Managers. I was sitting at M11 with Henry Lee, Chia Hock Keat, Wu Lee Choo, Jasmine, some were from Corporate Banking (2 of them) and Siew Lup Yan... all making up the 11 seats to the table.

Can't sit but have to be at the 11th floor to greet Tan Sri. After all the ceremonies, dinner was only served at 9.00 p.m.

The staff performance was on, six girls from BPP were involved, Lai Ching Ei Na, Khim Valerie, Mei Fong and Monica. They all danced well except for Valerie who made some wrong moves because she did not attend the rehearsals when she fell sick. Monica was easily recognized by all people especially Jill Leang, from the bulging tummy.....

The lousy part was from Lilian Soo (the following of Lilian Too) on the prediction of the Bank's profit from RM2.0 billion to RM3.0 billion.... lousy lousy and did not generate much interest from the audience.

The Broadway contest was great. Started with Cats from IT, all full dress in cat suits, their performance was orginal and well received. Next was from our group's Phatom of the Opera... Good showing too... other are Moulin Rouge, one of the American Chinese broad show... I can't remember the name, and the last was Hello Dolly. The Broadway shows were much better that the staff performance. I was impressed by the effort put in by all the contestant in putting up the show/contest.

Lucky draws as usual was not my cup of tea... no luck on the table draw and also on the lucky number ... how to with a number as this "0062"


Well I was on leave on 5 August to prepare myself for the PIKOM PC fair which for the first time be held at the new and lovely Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Very excited about the event since it's near my office and going there will be a breeze as compared with previous fairs which were held at PWTC (run down and I don't like the layout).

I was one of the many who arrive at the fair after 11 a.m. The fair was "well organised" , first you will have to get up to the top floor of the convention centre which was on the 3rd floor, then walk your way down to halls 1 to 4.

The top floor showcased big names like LG, Samsung (I don't like Korean things) and Sony. Didn't stayed there long since I was not interested in the goods they are selling except for a 17" Sony LCD monitor which was eyeing... RM1,199-00 to replace my current CRT monitor of the computer placed in my room.

Walked down to the halls 1 to 4 after finishing up on the 3rd floor... my aim was to get a external disk (which I saw Khairul using. 40GB man and portable too.. Khairul said that it cost him RM300-00 to get one.

I started scouting around at the booths, but many does not sell the 2 1/2" with casing. Walking around I landed at Hall 4 where there was a store that sells the items that I wanted. The Western Digital disk V400 2MB cost RM250, the guy showed me a basic casing which I don't like, the whole
thing cost RM270-00. I asked if he has better looking casing, he took out one where the price tag showed RM230-00. I asked him how much would it cost for the casing and the hard disk. Poking the calculator... he said RM310-00. Ehh.... looking at the case which I like and it cost R10-00 more than Khairul's (his casing was a black one mine is a metallic silver one) might as well take up the deal.

Then another shop was selling Imation blank CDs at RM65-00 per 100, the same number cost me RM75 at last year's PC Fair... CDs are getting dirt cheap since there was a mast production all over the world. Imation being a good brand... which I have been using without any complaints.

Too may deals but I have been satisfied with what I wanted I started off from the fair about 1.30 p.m.

Reached home, I eagerly attached the hard disk to the casing and started to read the manual on how to get the thing working.... too bad my PC cannot detect the disk. Called Khairul, he said that he does not have any problem formatting the hardisk for use.

Wasn't satisfied I thought that the disk could have been faulty. Worried I cannot find the store when the fair is over, I journeyed to the PC fair again the next day on Saturday. This time around there were mountains and mountains of people... Guess what? I could not find the store from where I bought the disk.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

On Sunday, the last day of the fair I went there again after getting to know where the location of the store was after checking out the PIKOM site.

It seems that the external disk works only with USB 2.0, mine USB was still 1.1 so cannot detect the disk. The guy helped me to format and portioned the disk.

Came home, I still cannot access to the disk using my PC... Tak boleh tahan... have to go to Low Yat to get me the USB2.0 PCS board. Yahhhhh... the board cost me RM30-00 for 2 ports.

Now I am able to use it at my convenience at my PC.... yeahhhhhh