12 August 2005

Good Luck Sivasubramaniam

Well today we had a small celebration for Mr Sivasubramaniam (who we fondly know as Siva) on his second last day with the Bank. From Saturday (13 August 2005) onwards, Siva will be on 18 months unpaid leave. Siva will be going off to Scotland to do his MBA for the same period of time.

It happen just about 1 1/2 months ago, Siva approached me to inform me that he has received offer to do his MBA. I felt proud that he inform me of his intentions so that I can prepare for his absence from the office. However, he is not sure whether he will be taking up the offer where he needs to consider his financial position and also whether his application for unpaid leave will be approve. I told him not to worry about his application for the unpaid leave because I will definitely recommend his application.

Happy to say, his application for 18 months unpaid leave was approved. He has obtained financial assistance to support his course.

Yesterday, the staff held a collection of funds to have a small farewell and well wishes gathering for Siva. He actually requested not to have the gathering so as not to "publicize" his departure.

Well today, at 4.00 p.m. the food came and a gathering was held with the presence of all BPP staff. I had the honour to give Siva a small token of the staff's appreciation which was a Sheaffer ball point pen. What was fun was the food that was served in the gathering. There was a jelly cake which was in the form of a girl in bikini.

Siva had the honour of taking away the girl's "virginity" by cutting at the groin area of the girl.... Everyone was eager to have a piece of the girl in the appropriate parts (guess where is the most popular part???)!!

Apart from the jelly, there was a new dish which had... Mee Hoon Kerabu. It's mee hoon, white fried with vegetable and strips of fried eggs. It has sweet, sour and spicy taste. Great. I found out from Sophia that the mee hoon was order from a Chinese lady who serve breakfast at Kampung Attap!

Other than that we had Domino piazzas, drinks and another Secret Recipe cake. On top of the cake was written "We Love Handsome Siva"

Wow I did not know that he was known as "Handsome Siva". Well, Siva mentioned that since he will not be around, the Handsome title will be transferred to Leong Chee Moon for the next 18 months. What??? We have a "Handsome Leong" in the house???

Finally, I would wish Siva good luck and safety during his 18 months in Scotland.

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