21 August 2005

New fishes for my aquarium

Remember the last time I wrote about my aquarium. Many fishes died and I told myself to stop buying any more fish for the aquarium. TODAY, my son Darren who requested me to take him to the giant pet store at Ikano Power for the purpose of just to look for artificial plants for the aquarium..... I commit a sin....I bought five (5) new goldfish.

This time around we managed to gain some advise from the store assistant. I told him my predicament on the white spots that developed on the fish after a few days and subsequently the fish died. He said that the white spots developed due to difference in the water temperature. He advised not to put the fish directly into the aquarium when I bring it home. The plastic bag have to place in the aquarium to climatize the temperature of the water of the aquarium and the water in the plastic bag before releasing the new goldfish into the aquarium.

From the conversation with the store assistant, I noticed that he spoke English in a funny way (which was also noticed by my children) and also his dark skin complexion, I asked him whether he is a Burmese. He replied that he was from Mynamar. Nice chap and thanks for his valuable advise.

This time around, we bought five goldfish. One of the goldfish was chosen by daughter, Esther.. guess what it cost me RM20-00. The most expensive goldfish I have bought so far. It a Calico Bubble Eye goldfish. She liked the bubble eyes which look very fragile to us and we wonder whether the bubble might burst and what will happen to the fish. I hope to post the photo of the fish later on. The other four fish are RM3-00 and RM2-00 each.. cheaper.

Let's hope the advise from the shop assistant works, would be a waste of my money again to buy such an expensive goldfish.


Lye Hock said...

I see you've changed yr template. Nice color ! Brighter & breezier.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Just trying out some of the template. I am still unable to get my own template. Having problem how to link the images of the background should I want to change it