08 August 2005

Public Bank 39th Annual Dinner

As usual the annual dinner was held at Sunway Convention Centre (where else is there a hall which can accommodate all the lovely people). The 39th Annual dinner (the first dinner was the 15th) was held on 6 August 2005.
Lovely lovely.. well see the photo that I took with Pauline Goh, the quiet girl (I think!!!) from IT.

This year's theme was Magical Asia.. but the staff competition was Broadway... what a miss match.

The hall was opened at 6.10 p.m. (10 minutes delayed) to allow all the staff in... we being, Managers were not allocated a numbered seat but there were 12 tables reserved for all Managers. I was sitting at M11 with Henry Lee, Chia Hock Keat, Wu Lee Choo, Jasmine, some were from Corporate Banking (2 of them) and Siew Lup Yan... all making up the 11 seats to the table.

Can't sit but have to be at the 11th floor to greet Tan Sri. After all the ceremonies, dinner was only served at 9.00 p.m.

The staff performance was on, six girls from BPP were involved, Lai Ching Ei Na, Khim Valerie, Mei Fong and Monica. They all danced well except for Valerie who made some wrong moves because she did not attend the rehearsals when she fell sick. Monica was easily recognized by all people especially Jill Leang, from the bulging tummy.....

The lousy part was from Lilian Soo (the following of Lilian Too) on the prediction of the Bank's profit from RM2.0 billion to RM3.0 billion.... lousy lousy and did not generate much interest from the audience.

The Broadway contest was great. Started with Cats from IT, all full dress in cat suits, their performance was orginal and well received. Next was from our group's Phatom of the Opera... Good showing too... other are Moulin Rouge, one of the American Chinese broad show... I can't remember the name, and the last was Hello Dolly. The Broadway shows were much better that the staff performance. I was impressed by the effort put in by all the contestant in putting up the show/contest.

Lucky draws as usual was not my cup of tea... no luck on the table draw and also on the lucky number ... how to with a number as this "0062"

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Pauline Goh said...

Hi KK, the last one u missed out is Flower Drum Song