21 August 2005

Comments from TT

I received a comment from a person identified as "TT". Sad to say, you know me but I regret to say I don't know who you are!

I am very happy and welcome all comments to my blog. I have set comments at my blog to be all people where they would not require to register themselves. However, in view that I could not identify who "TT" was, I have now resort to require only registered response at my blog.

Do not treat my action as hostile, all comments can still be e-mailed to me by clicking on the e-mail link on my blog which will direct all comments to my e-mail at kokkuen@gmail.com

Thanks TT for your comments but I could not log to the blog that you have recommend me which is "Project Petaling St Blogging site". Hope that you can write to my e-mail address for more details... I am interested to see what the place has install for me!

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