25 August 2005

Mooncake from Pauline and Great Eastern

Pauline was at my office today. To my surprise, she has brought me a pair of mooncakes which was packed into a very nice and decorative box. I could not open the box initially. Very nice and thoughtful of her.Thanks Pauline for the mooncakes.

Wish there are many people like her (I can get more and more mooncakes...he...he...!!!).

I would also like to thank the staff of Great Eastern who also have presented me with mooncakes. The mooncakes are specially prepared by Tai Thung Restaurant. Each mooncake bears the Great Eastern lion logo. Great Eastern has commissioned the restaurant to make the special mould for the mooncakes. Thanks Lai Kin for bringing the mooncakes to me.

The two boxes of mooncakes that I have received.
The lovely box that came with the mooncakes given by Great Eastern

Photo credit goes to my old fateful camera the Nikon Coolpix 885

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