14 August 2005

Fishes and the aquarium

One of the main thing to do when we shifted to our new house is to enhance the Feng Shui. This is done to harmonies the life of my family. There was also the hope of prosperity. Overall with good Feng Shui, I hope for good harmony and good health to my family.

One of the way to enhance Feng Shui is to have living things in the house. My kids are not too good in taking care of pets. Previously, we have had hamster and birds as pets but the kids only were interested in it in the beginning and they just left it to the adults at home to take care of it. The family also considered to have a dog at home but we have no experience taking care of dogs. So we were very skeptical in having dogs.. who will take it for walk? what to do with the dog's "shit"?

So in the end, in July my son Darren and I decided to get and aquarium. We scouted around for one and in the end we ended buying an aquarium with accessories and decorations for about RM1,200-00. The whole package consist of the tank, the cabinet, the water filter, sand and pebbles and artificial plant. No fish yet.

Next, sat down with the family to decide what sort of fishes we want to keep. It was unanimous... GOLD Fish. The next day the whole family was off to Pudu Ulu to a fish shop where we bought about RM80-00 of gold fishes, various species of the gold fishes.

It's fun looking at the fishes in the tank as they swim about. Everyone in the family enjoyed looking at the fish. Since the aquarium is just next to the dining table, it added joy looking at the fishes when we are having our meal at the table.

Since then, I have bought more gold fishes but they ended up dead leaving today the pioneer gold fishes that are still alive. Here is how the aquarium looks like:

Till today I think have spent close to RM200-00 buying fishes. Most and almost all of the fishes only lasted for a week then it developed white spots. Carries can easily detect fishes with white spot and would know whether the fish is sickly. The next day the fish will die. I jokingly said that the new fishes cannot survive due to the "curse of the old (pioneer) fishes".

The last gold fish I bought was on 9 August, cost me RM4-50. Today, it has developed some white spots on it's head and undergoing therapy and rehabilitation in the therapy tank. I hope that the fish can survive.

Today, we bought a Bandaraya fish(it's the brown colored fish seen hiding in the photo above). It cost RM2-50 and was very effective in cleaning up the fungus that have grown on the artificial plants.

I will write on the development of our aquarium as times goes by.

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