25 August 2005

Changes to my blog

I have made the following "enhancements" to my blog:

  1. Google search box.. will definitely help you to look for any thing on the net at ease.
  2. Adsense by Google which was recommended by my blogger pal, Lye Hock. Make my blog looking like a advertisement blog. Please click on any ad link that will link you things that may interest you.
  3. Hit counter - to show how many of you have visited my blog since 24 August 2005. I am please to see the numbers growing by the day.
  4. Site Tracking link... bad publicity, a "BUY VIAGRA" pop up will appear when you click on it... NOT MY FAULT. It came with the requirement of the link. For your information I still do not need any viagra.

1 comment:

Lye Hock said...

where's the blog on yr new car? congrats...!