31 August 2005

Driving the new Honda Accord

Since taking delivery of the new Honda Accord last Friday, 26 August 2005, I have logged in slightly over 500 kilometers as at today (31 August 2005). I was requested to make an evaluation of my experience of the new car. I could not write on the evaluation earlier because I would need some time to get adjusted to the car and at the same time try it out on different road conditions.

Well today after logging in 500 kilometer, I can write some of my experience with the car.

Very Very Spacious

The Accord is definitely spacious. The driver seat hugs to me very well and it makes driving and comfortable. Furthermore, the arm rest is very comfortable with a smooth fabric upholstery. The front passenger area is also very spacious. My son looks like a dwarf when he is sitting in the seat as compared when he was sitting in the City, he managed to fill up all the seat area. He told me that he could not reach the car ceiling when he raised his hand, so the spaciousness does not only confine to the width but also to the height of the car.

I took a visit to the back passenger seats. It was again very spacious. Just imagine my son who is also 4 feet in height can lie across the seats without any difficulties. I was again surprise when the distant between my knees and the driver seat still have 6 inches to go. The real test came when 4 members of my family are sitting there. None of them complaint that there not comfortable or no leg room. When they sat in the City, my son and daughter always have to fight with each other and also with my mother-in-law to sit comfortably in the rear passenger seats.

The boot area... again it is so spacious that my son commented that two person can lie and sleep in the boot area. What surprises me was from the exterior, the boot area looks short but when the boot lid is open... it looks like a "warehouse". Annuar like the boot when he commented that it has "wall to wall carpeting". Yes, the whole boot area is covered with a nice and good quality velvet type of material.

Driving it

I have to "re-learn" driving again because the Accord is very much bigger that the City. I had difficulties adjusting to the bigger width and the height of the Accord. I finally adjusted myself after two days and was handling the Accord like I handled the City. When Khairul was in my car yesterday (we when to Road House Grill for lunch), he commented that I was swing the car here and there. However, parking the car at my house car poach area was a challenge. Two cars, mine and my wife who is driving an Unser parked at the car poach. I have to move the car closer to side of the poach to allow her car to park side by side. Then in the morning, reversing the car out of the poach was another challenge, not to knock my wife's car and the gate.

On Sunday night, the real challenge came. The last minute decision was to drive to Gotong Jaya (GJ) for dinner and that was at 7.30 p.m. This will be my first time driving to Genting area at night. The drive up to GJ was exciting, the Karak highway was pitch dark and with one lane closed for most of the journey. Going up and down the steep slopes before GJ was another excitement but the Accord handled it with ease with my whole family (6 of us) in the car.

I could not careless of previous advice not to rev up the car before hitting the 1,000 kilometer mark. I was hitting at speed of 120 kph and the tachnometer was hitting up to 5,000 rpm.

Sound system

Before taking delivery of the Accord, I was at a car accessory shop. I asked the shop owner how I can improve the sound system of the Accord. She (yes, it's a "she") said that I could add an amplifier to boast up the sound. She added that the sound system of the Accord is already good enough. Well, she's right. The sound system was good. The sound balance of the front and rear speakers were good. My daughter, Carrie commented that she feels like she's in a sound room when listening to the radio in the car. Just imagine what a CD would sound like.. GOOD!!


On Monday, the car was sent to Tint-Shop for tinting of the wind screens. I choose the Goldust tinting for the windows which I find it suitable. From the outside a gold reflection can be seen. The front and the back windscreens were V-Kool tinted. Total cost RM1,900. I tested the insulation and the tinting did help very much in reducing the heat in the car. Soo Yew Meng commented that the V-Kool is worth it since his CRV has it too. He only need to turn the thermostat of the air-cond to middle on a hot day thus reducing his fuel consumption on the long run.


Well I think this posting is long enough and so much good things have been mentioned. From the sound of it , you know that I am enjoying my new toy.

I will continue in future postings. In the meantime, this is the photo of Darren enjoying himself in the Accord today (31 August 2005).

Photo credit: Taken with Olympus Mini Myu


Lye Hock said...

Looks like you're thoroughly enjoying yr new car ! Don't worry about going fast before the 1,000km mark. Ist week I got my 406, we went up to 150kmh on the way back to my hometown. Getting V-Kool is a good idea, especially when the car is new. Warranty should be for 5 years. Since the boot space is huge, you can consider adding an amplifier to add some oomph to the sound system. Plus a sub-woofer of course! Minimum 10 inch & in an enclosure. Yr sound will improve tremendously especially the bass notes. Happy motoring !

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thank for the comments. Financially wounded at the moment to consider the amplifier and sub-woofer. Maybe a bigger bonus and dividend will help me soon!!