14 August 2005

Visitors to my blog

Since I started blogging, I have invited my colleagues to view the contents of my blog. I am very proud to say that all of them enjoyed what I have written so far. All of them understood the content of my blog since the events also were experienced by them too (well some of it actually). Some of them asked how to go about blogging, I gladly told them how to go about it but I guess they may not be as keen as I am in blogging.

I was surprise that Chuah Lye Hock was into blogging too. He somehow found out of by blog address and call to tell me that he has a blog too. I proud to say that he has linked my blog from his blog. However, I have not done the linkage from mine to his.. but I have to get his AP first before proceeding!!

Well, Chuah I am awaiting the AP from you to go ahead to link your blog to mine.


Chan Kok Kuen said...
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Lye Hock said...

just do it...!

Lye Hock said...

btw, this AP is FOC....haha!

TT said...

KK your blog has since expanded....interesting. Keep up the good work. If you love blogging so much you should register yourself with the other `hot celebraties' in town in the Project Petaling St Blogging site. Nice title for your blog too.