17 August 2005

How to get away with a traffic ticket

While I was driving back from office yesterday night(about 7.30 p.m.), got a call from Chua Choon Ming on some issues on the LHDN project. That was when I approaching Jalan Peel. I have to make a few calls to Damien back in office to confirm on some matters. As I was turning to Jalan Cheras, a bike on the left side of my car started to horn me. Guess what, it was a traffic cops. SHIT!!!

I pull to a stop at the side of Jalan Cheras, pull down my door wind shield and waited for the cop to approach me. I took out my wallet because I know what he wanted (hey this is not the first time I am pull over by a cop). He asked for my driving license and whether I was on the phone while I was driving. I admitted that I was on the phone. He asked whether I wanted a summon. I said YES.

He went back to his bike and pull out his summon book and approached me again. This time around he asked for my I/C. I sensed that he wanted some thing and asked again whether I wanted a summons for my offences. I said to him to give me the summons because I admitted that I was guilty of using a phone without hands free unit.

He asked again to confirm whether I wanted the summon... I said again I wanted the summon. I could sense that he wanted something else (you all know what lah).

In the end guess what, he said that he is too lazy to issue me a summons and said that he will record down my car's registration number.

OK, good.. off I go again.

Lesson learned... Insist on a summons if you can afford to pay it or if you've connections to discount the summons. Do not give in to their request of you know what!!!!

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