08 August 2005


Well I was on leave on 5 August to prepare myself for the PIKOM PC fair which for the first time be held at the new and lovely Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Very excited about the event since it's near my office and going there will be a breeze as compared with previous fairs which were held at PWTC (run down and I don't like the layout).

I was one of the many who arrive at the fair after 11 a.m. The fair was "well organised" , first you will have to get up to the top floor of the convention centre which was on the 3rd floor, then walk your way down to halls 1 to 4.

The top floor showcased big names like LG, Samsung (I don't like Korean things) and Sony. Didn't stayed there long since I was not interested in the goods they are selling except for a 17" Sony LCD monitor which was eyeing... RM1,199-00 to replace my current CRT monitor of the computer placed in my room.

Walked down to the halls 1 to 4 after finishing up on the 3rd floor... my aim was to get a external disk (which I saw Khairul using. 40GB man and portable too.. Khairul said that it cost him RM300-00 to get one.

I started scouting around at the booths, but many does not sell the 2 1/2" with casing. Walking around I landed at Hall 4 where there was a store that sells the items that I wanted. The Western Digital disk V400 2MB cost RM250, the guy showed me a basic casing which I don't like, the whole
thing cost RM270-00. I asked if he has better looking casing, he took out one where the price tag showed RM230-00. I asked him how much would it cost for the casing and the hard disk. Poking the calculator... he said RM310-00. Ehh.... looking at the case which I like and it cost R10-00 more than Khairul's (his casing was a black one mine is a metallic silver one) might as well take up the deal.

Then another shop was selling Imation blank CDs at RM65-00 per 100, the same number cost me RM75 at last year's PC Fair... CDs are getting dirt cheap since there was a mast production all over the world. Imation being a good brand... which I have been using without any complaints.

Too may deals but I have been satisfied with what I wanted I started off from the fair about 1.30 p.m.

Reached home, I eagerly attached the hard disk to the casing and started to read the manual on how to get the thing working.... too bad my PC cannot detect the disk. Called Khairul, he said that he does not have any problem formatting the hardisk for use.

Wasn't satisfied I thought that the disk could have been faulty. Worried I cannot find the store when the fair is over, I journeyed to the PC fair again the next day on Saturday. This time around there were mountains and mountains of people... Guess what? I could not find the store from where I bought the disk.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

On Sunday, the last day of the fair I went there again after getting to know where the location of the store was after checking out the PIKOM site.

It seems that the external disk works only with USB 2.0, mine USB was still 1.1 so cannot detect the disk. The guy helped me to format and portioned the disk.

Came home, I still cannot access to the disk using my PC... Tak boleh tahan... have to go to Low Yat to get me the USB2.0 PCS board. Yahhhhh... the board cost me RM30-00 for 2 ports.

Now I am able to use it at my convenience at my PC.... yeahhhhhh


Lye Hock said...

kk, aiya...hw can u be still using usb1.1 ? :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Still having the USB 1.1 cos it's an older PC!!!