16 August 2005

Why... Great Expectations?

Noticed that Chuah change the name of his blog to "Aperture Priority.." Then I though about it, why should I name of by blog "My Life and Time"? Well the first name was just a thought that came out for a purpose to use the blog to record what had happened to my life along the time I am logged on to the blog.

Then again why such a simple name... no class at all.

Why "Great Expectations"?

After I started my blog and have invited some of my friends to view it, after reading my postings, most of them were actually looking forward to my next posting! Serious!

So, my "audience" is expecting my postings in my blog.

That's why the name "Great Expectations".

Well, just like my audience, I would always expect some interesting thing to be posted in my blog. So read on and on and expect more great posting to come along.

Signing off for tonite!!!

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