06 May 2006

Fashion Elevation Part 2

Not satisfied with my photography during the photo session at Fashion Elevation at 1 Utama on 29 April, I got myself some new addition to boost up my photos. I bought a SB-600 Nikon flash to improve the lighting. At the same time when I was a the shop (Foto Edar) I noticed that they have many zoom lenses. I asked for the price of the Nikon 70-300mm lens, I was given a quotation of RM380-00. Wow man cheap to have such a long zoom lens at that price... but it's the low end zoom lens which come on with F4 - F5.6. But what the heck I can still have a powerful zoom which I can use outdoor or if the lighting is strong.

So off I go on my second expedition at Fashion Elevation today a 1 Utama. As usual the old gang member were there including my friend Lye Hock. This time around the Nikons outnumbered the Canon but there were 2 persons using Fuji camera.

I was happy with the results of today's shooting. I managed to get a closer shoot of the model on the runway but there is still to improve on the lighting. I managed to shoot over 250 shoots when the batteries of the flash unit were dead. When took out the batteries from the flash unit, the batteries were hot, so that shows how much I have used the flash.

Some photos which I like are posted at my photo blog, but some smaller size ones are here.

I may be going back there tomorrow to have a final shooting session. After that the Fashion Elevation program ends at 1 Utama.


SooHK said...

Wah Sei Man, leng lui....nice shoots...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Still a long to go, thanks for your comments