29 April 2006

Fashion Elevation

For the long holidays, 1 Utama has organised Fashion Elevation where the tenants of 1 U would feature all their latest fashion. One other thing was 1 U has also generously allowed photographers to shoot their hearts out on the models on the runway. Fashion shows are organised on an hourly basis from 2.00 p.m..

I was there today to snap my heart out with my new camera. 1 U managed to organise the event well. Photographers would need to register themselves. Once you register you are given a tag to wear on your neck with the the word "Photographer". With the tag, you can shoot the whole day of all the fashion events from a specially made stage located at the end of the runway where the models will pose.

When I reach 1 U I managed to see a whole group of photographers there all getting ready with their cameras for the show to start. Wow.. almost all of them are equipped with long long zoom lenses. I was just using my 18mm - 70mm lens which came with the camera. I was having one of the shortest lens there. At the same tie, most of them are also equipped with flash unit as oppose to me I was using the attached flash that came with the camera.

There were only two lady photographers and they are also equipped with long zoom lenses. Guess what cameras are use... the Canon DSLR. outnumbered the Nikons.

One of the lady photographer with a D70s and long zoom lens.

But what the heck, I will shoot with what I have at the moment... just wait lah with more money I will get all the other accessories.

For photos, please access to my photo blog.

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