29 April 2006

Beautiful car... Beautiful girls

Spent the day at 1 Utama today. There's many fashion going on in the city and want to venture out to snap photos of the fashions shows. Off I went to 1 U to see what was installed there.

There was a Honda Civic promotion there, a few units of Civic and one unit of cut-through version where you can see the car interior. If you have followed my blog, I have been following the launching of the Civic in Malaysia. This will be the first time I am posting some photos of the car here. At the same, as bonus, the beautiful promoters who were there to promote the car. They were generous enough to allow me to snap some photos of theirs.

So killing two birds with one camera... beautiful car and beautiful girls. More photos at my photo blog.

The interior of the Civic 2.0 "cut-through"version (please note that the car is not for sale!)

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SooHK said...

nice......very nice..and beautiful cars...