11 April 2006

Dinner at Victoria Station

Well once a while have to gather the family for a nice meal outside. Incidentally, my daughter, Carrie just got her first month's pay from her 1 month's job at a silver jewelry store. She was there just to kill time while waiting for her SPM results. So, she wanted to treat the family to a dinner, her brother wanted to slaughter her by suggesting to go to Victoria Station. Carrie was nervous since she knew that a dinner there would cost her a bomb and there would be not much left of ther first inaugural salary received.

Off we go to Victoria Station, a fine restaurant where you can enjoy the ambiance of a train station. It was a good place to try out the new camera too. I have posted some of the photos below. I just wanted to have a steak there and the rest of the family thinking to spare Carrie of her misery ordered meals that we not too on the high cost side.

In the end the bill came and it was about RM200 plus, I took the tab without Carrie paying. It would not be nice to slaughter her since she had sacrifice much of ther time daily from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. working at the place.

The "liang lui" and the "liang soh" of the family

"Yam Seng"

Esther having a ride on the "train"

Carrie and her grand mother

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