21 April 2006

A little bit of goodbye and a little bit of hello!

Well on Thursday, 20th April, we were in the office getting ready to celebrate the resignation of one of staff Valerie. At about 11.00 a.m, I got a call from Siva who asked to have lunch with me. Siva, if you remember in my earlier postings, Siva was at Aberdeen doing his studies. However, her mother suddenly passed away in March and he have to come back to see his beloved mother (May she rest in Peace). Being back home, he spent about a month here before going off back to Aberdeen on Monday 24 April to continue what he was there for.

So it a bit of a goodbye for Valerie and a hello for Siva. But the best thing was when we were having a "makan" session both Siva and Valerie were around.

As for Valerie, she has been with me for the past 4 years in my department. I remembered that I was scouting for some candidates to fill vacancies in my department where I came across this candidate who graduated in Micro Biology. What the f**k would a person who graduated in micro Biology doing in a bank. That interest me and I decided with Mazhar to have a chat with her. Both of us found her very interesting, imaging putting micro biology into our present work processes!!

Time passes by and on 2 March, I saw her hanging arounf in front of my cubicle wanting to see me and I saw a piece of paper in her hands. No need to guess, I knew that was her resignation letter. True to my guess, it was her letter of resignation. I asked her where's she going, she told me that she's getting "married". I later found out where's she's going. Well all the best for her in her other undertaking, from micro biology to banking and now to some where high high !!

By the was I forgot to mention, Valerie fractured her toe when she was packing her things in her apartment and she arrived to office in crutches... a RM60 pair of crutches.


Last shots with friends (Valerie is the one in black, while Siva is the darker one!!)
Me and Valerie ( abit blur because the camera man wasn't too familiar with the focusing of my camera)
The "Hello" meets the "Goodbye"
A going away presentation

Valerie with her crutches

All photos taken with my new Nikon D70s


Anonymous said...

KK, u may need to edit this post. Spelling error. Wow...Siva.....looks different. And u....as usual...DOM.Muhahhaha..TT

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thanks TT for the reminder. I written the posting in a rushes, did not perofmr much editing. All items corrected, or if there are any other mistakes, let me know.
Siva is geting bald.. another DOM like me lah!

Lye Hock said...

50mm lens? Btw,the blur shot seems to be focusing on Damien at the back! Suggestion : Switch to "nearest subject" focus option for those ppl not familiar with yr camera...

SooHK said...

there are a lot of goodbyes ..even at my company...100 plus last year...where are these people going...hahaha

Pauline Goh said...

Same case in ITD la.. Another one leaving ler...
aiyo.. all the fun ppl leaving one by one.. WHEN IS MY TURN??