16 April 2006

New lens for the D70s

The D70s come with a telephoto lens of 18mm to 70mm.. man the lens is heavy 320 g to be exact. I remember when I have my last SLR which was a Minolta XGM way back in the late 70s, SLR come with standard 50mm lens.

I have studied and consulted my "siu fu" to get a 50mm lens. He showed me his 50mm Nikon lens f1.8, I told myself to get one too since it is relatively cheap less than RM400.

I have hunting for the lens everywhere from Sungai Wang to Mid-Valley, no shop carries the lens. It seem that the lens is very popular and very low in stock.

Finally, I got one today at a shop at Bukit Bintang Plaza (Foto Edar). Paid for it, fitted it on my D70s, wow what a world of difference.. the whole camera was so light. The lens only weights 155 grams as oppose to the 18mm-70mm lens of 320 grams. That's half the weight.

I will definitely use both lens because the 50mm would be light to carry around and would be good in places of low light since it's a f1.8 lens. The telephoto lens will come in handy when I go on sight seeing trips.

The next items that I get for my camera would be the flash and a remote control.. but these items can still be hold on.
The light weight 50mm f1.8 lens 155 grams as oppose to the......
The 18mm-70mm lens that come with the D70s.. 322grams


Lye Hock said...

finally you got it. congrats! there'll be more stuff to purchase very soon...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

You are giving the scare, need to more money again??