13 May 2006

Asian X-Games

I was all geared up to catch some images at the Asian X-Games at Sunway Lagoon. It was mentioned in their promotion messages and advertisement that it was FREE. When I reached the ticket booth a Sunway Lagoon, I mentioned that I wanted to watch the Asian X-Games, they asked whether I have a ticket. A ticket? What ticket? It was a pass ticket which I need to get it and can be obtained from the Digi counter in the shopping complex. Ohh.. OK off I go again to the Digi booth, the guy asked me whether I was a Digi subscriber... I said NO.. NO subscriber no pass.. what a shit!!!

OK what th hell, spent some time at the the shopping centre a managed to take a few shoot. Here the one I got of Neptune.

There was a patches exhibition at the main exhibition hall where patches work were displayed in conjunction with Mother's Day. The patches look very nice especially those with heart shape.

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