08 September 2007

In Manila again

I am in Manila again. The project time line was like a yo-yo, early on the time line was longer and suddenly it was shorten.

When I got to know that the time line was lengthen, I could find time to relax in Kl before my journey to Manila. Just out of a sudden and over a weekend, I was informed that the time time was back to status quo. My project task was again shorten and I was required to go into action.

I took the Thursday flight and started working on the same day immediately after checking into the hotel and 5.00 p.m.

I am now currently writing this post in the office where I am required to work through the weekend to get thing moving. But the agony is that my support staff would only arrive middle and end of next week and there are so much things to get prepared. So it looks like another not stop busy 2 weeks for me in Manila.

I hope that I can put in some time to get catch some photos of place which I can visit.

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