14 January 2006

Jack Bauer - 24

I got hooked watching the show "24" sesson 3 last year which was shown on TV8. From then, the shown was again sown on AXN. Then AXN started the re-run of the 2nd season of 24. I was also hooked on to it. I came to know that the DVD shops in town are selling the whole in DVD box. The 4th season which has completed in the USA is also available in DVD box set. I could not help myself but to get a set myself since I was addicted to the show.

The box set came in 7 DVDs, each DVD consist of 4 episodes while the 7th DVD was a feature DVD of the making and deleted scenes of the the show. Each DVD cost RM10-00 (support the pirates) where the whole box set which comes with DVD and outer box casing cost me RM70-00.

I was glued to the TV watching episodes as the story build up.. heart pounding all the way covering each hour of the 24 hours the story evolved on. If you don't know about the story, you may log on to Wikipedia to have description of the show.

Season 5 of the show will start in the US this week end with a 4 hours season premiere.
I will have to wait for the show to end before the DVD box set is available.

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Anonymous said...

I love 24 too. Esp the first and the second episode. Fantastic series. You should also watch Lost or even Alias. TT