14 January 2006

Hi there!

For regular visitors to my blog, I apologies for not posting anything for a long time. You may be wondering what's have happen to me.

Well it has been quiet, since the new year, nothing much happened so not much to write on. Most of the time I have been wondering into other people's blog especially my daughter's blog where she post in her day to day experiences after completing her SPM. She getting hang of it ( just like his old man) in expressing herself. I would read her posting, some times I would post my comments in her chatterbox (ahh.. that's where I got my chatter box from!!)

The daily routine of getting up in the morning at 6.00 a.m. and getting ready to send my children to school still carry on. Work wise, nothing much happen because January is a slow month gearing up to the Chinese New Year holidays. The only the swing begins. But the normal agony and frustration of work is still happening.

Many of my seniors are retiring this year, so speculations of whose service is getting extended is a guessing game. Getting retired a 55 years old is too young in my opinion. The brains of a person is still active and strong at that age. What frustrates me is that many people are getting ready for the announcement of a five-days week. To me having a five days working week isn't too welcome because I will be lazing at home on Saturday or the kids will have to taken out where I need to spend more money for traveling and food. I was joking with my colleagues that I will need to look for a new hobby when the five days week sets in. I have in mind to sign up to a fitness gym to work out... I knew that there are too many people getting sickly nowadays... breast cancer and stroke cases are very common now especially for people of whose age are in the early 40's.

The Chinese New Year is coming... bad news for me because I would need a whole bunch of money to buy this and that but most of all the money to be ready for the packing of hong pows. Bills to pay, hong pows to pay... ahhh where got so much money hah??? Guess what? I have not bought myself any new cloths for the new year.. I figured what to buy and why need to buy. The kids would need to buy and I have spent almost RM500-00 for their clothing.. me old man what to be so fashion hype about?

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you support your dotter in her blogging. Not many parents are `opened' to this and would probably not encourage in this respect. What more to even post your comments....wah lau! Great bonding. Keep it up!. TT