24 July 2005

Breakfast on Sunday 24 July 2005

Wake up as usual... Love to see that my son Darren has pop into my room.
"What do you want for breakfast?" I asked
"Nasi lemak!" he said
"What nasi lemak? Wanna to have roti canai?" I said
"Yes. yes" as roti canai is one of his favourite food
"Well get dress and we will go over to the shop to buy it"

When I finish brushing my teeth, he has happily sitting on my bed ....waiting for me to take him out.
At the shop, we bought 12 pieces of roti canai plus 2 packets of "teh tarik".
"We have to be back by 9.00 a.m. to watch Hot Wheels Pursuit" he said
"Don't worry, we can make it back on time" I said

Finishing breakfast, I am off to my computer to log into the blog to log in this happening.

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