28 July 2005

Wow! It's Thursday already

Time ready flies this week because they were many challenges (not to use any negative words)... the Positive Pay, the Negative List (which I mentioned to Anuar today it's the Ying and Yan of implementation).
Wednesday, met up at Bangi with Mathew on the iTran issue. Sad to have the whole project on hold due to the latest development mentioned by BNM. Calls started to come in to cover back the impending lost of the iTran purchase. Hitts wants to offer their solution, Joke Hin of NCR Singapore calling to mention that they have a solution too... wow, wish they could fly me down to Singapore to have a sneak preview of their solution... FAT HOPES man.

The BCM issue is finally off the chest, the paper was presented and ready for delivery to BNM just before the deadline. Too many cooks spoil the soup... well they are not cooks anyway.. just providing their view since they are the BIG shots of the Bank.

For those for reading this ... I don;t think you know what I am writing about. Never mind, today's writing are just for my own consumption and for those who have been working close to me!! When I can ready back this mesage I would know that this week was a WOW week.

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