13 January 2008

I have been lazy

While I was taking my bath just now, I thought to myself that I have not been writing much in my blog for a long time. I have been uploading photos from my Thailand trip and I even did not finish my story of my trip in Thailand for the subsequent duration after Day 1.

I must admit that I have been lazy to come out with things to put into my blog. Then during my bath I told myself that I will write some thing in the blog when I come out from the bath room. And now here I am writing some things here.

For a start I want to mention that my blog have been receiving quite high volume of visitors for the past week. However, when I drilled down to the statistics of the visitors to my blog, I was surprise to know that these visitors were coming mainly from USA and India. The number of visitors from these countries have surpassed that from Malaysia. Looks like I ma more famous now in the USA and India!!!

After coming back from my vacation, it was back to work. Due to the expansion of staff, the company has expanded its office space to a new building. I have to shift my working space to a new building which located about 3 blocks from the previous one. I have been working from the new office since last Monday. Nothing much to shout about since the furniture looks the same, only thing is the office space of much bigger.

I have been making daily trips to Pavilion for the past week.. why? My daughters who have completed their examinations felt bored being at home and managed to find jobs at Pavilion. The elder one worked at Padini Concept Store while the younger one worked for a cosmetic outlet. We were concern about their safety and have resorted to pick them up daily after the work (at 10 p.m.). Making daily trips from my house in Cheras to Pavilion in the busy area of Jalan Bukit Bintang has been enjoyable for the first 2 days but after that.. huh.. BORING!!

Since the Chinese New Year is drawing near, I have to change the red lanterns at my house which has been hanging at the main door for the past 2 years. The skin of the lantern has broken and gathering dust. Time for a change of red lantern for the new year. Today, I managed to take a trip to Chinatown to buy a pair of 22 inches red lanterns. Hung it up, light it up and it looked great. Let's hope that the pair of fresh red lantern would bring me good fortune this year of the RAT!!!

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