26 May 2008

The world is in a bad shape

Looking back at the happenings for this year.. 2008 does not look too good. Natural disasters, rising oil and food price and the political situation at home and abroad are all not looking too good.

The cyclone that hit Mynamar and the earthquake that hit China killed so many people. Lost of lives, lost of shelter, lost of love ones disease are all the suffering that are endured by the people there. Then other people around the world have to chip in to assist the victims to recover.

Oil price has sky rocketed to USD122 per barrel. Why? I cannot give a definate answer but one of the reason is the devaluation of the US dollar which was caused by the mortgage sub-prime that hit the Americans. I do not feel that there is actually a shortage of oil. The same bag of 10kg of fragent rice that I bought last month which cost me RM36.00 now cost RM50.00. Even the rice at the chicken rice plate has became less since I came back from Shanghai. The price of food stuff has also sky rocket.

Political situation in Malaysia has been interesting after the General Elections in March. Looks like there will be some changes within this year but whetehr the changes are good would be left to be seem.

Looks like it will be challenging 2008!!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the all new 2008 Honda Accord. What is your comment.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Dear anonymous,

Yes I have seen the new 2008 Honda Accord. However, I reserve my comments until I know who you are!!

Anonymous said...

Rocketing oil prices isn't even the tip of the iceburg...


These statistics do not involve the global homicide statistics.