03 August 2008

PC Fair is in town again

I still do not understand why people flock to PC Fairs to buy their computer stuff. I went to the P Fair at KLCC yesterday. It was not my plan to go there but my daughter has requested me to go there. I said Ok provided we go there by using the LRT. So off we go, my daughter, my son and I.

Guess what? There were so many people at the LRT station at Tasik Selatan were waiting at the station. Then we got off at Masjid Jamek, another surprise, the train was packed with people. Those embarking are carrying plastic bags with big boxes inside and some even came with their shopping trolley where they have bought desktop computers and printers/scanners. Once we reached the KLCC station and got out.. there were long streams of people walking to and from the Suria, KLCC to the station. It was not only people coming for the PC Fair but also people coming in for the Mega Sales especially many people are going to Isetan where there were lots of bargains!!

OK, I can understand the number of people at Suria KLCC. Then we have to walk to the Convention Center where the PC Fair was.. that again another long stream of people. People and people everywhere and we ended on Level 5 where all the "bargains" were located.

My daughter bought the M2 memory card to be placed in her handphone. The phone only came with a 128MB card and she wanted a bigger card to store her photos, music and other stuff. Me? well I bought a wireless mouse. I just got a new docking station for my notebook in office and USD ports are located on the left side where I am a right hander. The handling of the mouse to my notebook is not to comfortable so I opted to get a wireless mouse while the current wired mouse would be passed to my daughter's use.

Guess what? I bought a Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for RM138 which would cost the same if I would should buy it at Low Yat on a non PC Fair day. I was not surprised!!

Here a picture of the mouse:I like the mouse, it's very sensitive, nicely sculptured and ergonomically friendly.. cut the jazz.. I like it because I wasted my effort, time, sweat and RM138 to get it!!

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