16 October 2008

Wonderful view from Lookout Point

Ever have the chance to see how the night aerial view of Kuala Lumpur looks like? Well you can do that by taking a plane or a helicopter. But there is a easier and cheaper way to do that. Head on to Lookout Point.

Lookout point is located in between Ampang and Hulu Langat area right on top on some hills. There is a purpose built platform and also three restaurants there to entertain the people with the view of Kuala Lumpur while they chit chat, dine and drink.

Well I have seen some photos taken of the place and have wanted to go there. My children and I decided to head on to Lookout Point. I drove to Batu 9 Cheras taking the Hulu Langat way and making a right turn towards Ampang before I reach Lookout Point. You will not miss the place because it was a Saturday and there were so many cars parked at the foothills. We have to park our car quite a distance from the road leading up the hill.

Reaching there, we head on to the look out platform where I mounted my camera on my tripod to shoot the spectacular night view of Kuala Lumpur. We can see the stretch from PJ to Ampang and in the middle the KL Tower and KLCC were the prominent buildings.

Well here are some shots of it plus a panorama stich of 4 photos to cover the view which we can actually see from end to end.

To see larger size of the photos, please visit my Flickr album.

A panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur which is stitched from 4 photos. Click on it to see a larger view. I like this panorama view so much that I have made it my blog banner.

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