04 August 2006

Plagiarism... what's that?

Do you know what is plagiarism?l Click on the the hyperlink to the word to get the meaning.

Well my friend TT place a moment at my blog to inform me that the content on my posting on the PM's warning to blogger was also "copied" or plagiarised. She directed to a site, http://copyscape.com to check where have the contents of my posting appeared. True enough, there were 9 sites (including mine) that have the same words of the posting. Well I was the one who copied the content from the article that appeared in the Star.

Thanks TT, you have made my day. I sometimes also place other people's posting at my site. Now I got to a bit careful so that the other blogger would not "sue" me for infringing their copyrights.


flowsnow said...

I sort of know..but it also `ate' into my system when I was reading another blogger's site and was shocked to actually hear that there are people out there who `plagarise'. Apparently a mother plagarise another mother's blog word by word and it's not something uncommon, in fact it's quite frequent. But the thing is how can one actually copy word by word of another person's `work' and claims it to be his/hers? I thought `blogging' is supposed to be personal and what the heck unless you want to add more hits in your blog because the other writes so well or you are could be under the `fatal attraction' spell as in his/her maniac `fan'. P/s I do `plagarise' but if you intend please do give credit to the source, you never know when you will end up being `sued' if you know what i mean. even at Uni when we qoute from a text/book we need to indicate the reference, otherwise we will fail the course. Btw I have moved my blog to another site if you noticed. It's an South Indian based site which is great. At least my blog now serves a purpose in the `right' place and not `floating' in the air.

flowsnow said...

Another one for you! Check this site out: you would be able to search how many sites are linked to your blog!
Ah...not bad you are `quite famous'. LOL

Have fun! http://www.technorati.com/search
Can't wait for you to post this up.