05 June 2007

6 months into my present job

Time really fly.. it already been 6 months since I join my new organisation. Looking back into the these 6 months these are the highlights:

  • Stepping into a new office on the first day of reporting to work. Attended the briefing session and had a small tour of the new office.
  • Went for a team building course in India and getting to know my fellow colleagues in there.
  • Attended a month's course to familiarise myself with the new banking system.
  • Spend a month in Shanghai to get the my hands dirty with the operations of my new job.
  • Being away from my family for the longest duration of time, feeling homesick.
  • For the first time, I was not been able to be with my wife and daughter to celebrate their birthdays.
  • Going back again to Shanghai after spending less than two weeks at home.
  • Back in KL after spending three weeks in Shanghai.

Half way through the year and still have not a full grasp of this big organisation I am in. The structure of the organisation is far more complex from my previous considering the big network of branches and offices all over the world.

One nice thing, I get to see many places, talk and meet with many people from all over the world and I hope there are more happenings for the next 6 months!!


Selba said...

Sounds that you have had a great 6 months of working time in your "new" place. Good to hear it :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...


As you know, life is not always a rosy path, there are ups and downs. So far I have enjoyed myself here.

shrimp paste said...

there are things at work that you do now would not be at where you were than. you are a positive thinker, anything unbecoming is a blessing, keep it that way, my friend.

Chan Kok Kuen said...


Any where you go, there bound to be ups and downs. It is how we keep ourselves motivated count!!

Anonymous said...

i like shrimps.