25 June 2007

Greeting from Manila

I landed in Manila on Sunday afternoon. The flight was delayed by half an hour because the plane that was ferrying people from another destination reached late at KLIA and the plane need to be prepared for our flight to Manila.

This is my first trip to Manila and I was looking forward to see a new country. From the Ninoy Aquino Airport I travel to my hotel which is located in Makati which is the financial centre of Manila. Across the hotel, there were many malls, the biggest is the Greenbelt area where there are malls named Greenbelt 1 to 4. Then there was another shopping mall call Landmark and there is also SM. All the malls were connected by overhead bridge walk ways.

The weather was warm with slight rain. I come to understand that June to October is the raining season Philippines. I just hope that there will not be a typhoon during my 1 week stay here.

I had my dinner at a restaurant called Mr. Forrestor where I had their specialty which is boneless ribs. I took the opportunity to have the local beer, San Miguel (the photo is at the end of this posting)

Here are some shoots I have taken from my room and during my strolls around the Greenbelt and Landmark area.


Lye Hock said...

I see you're going places in yr new job! India, China & now Phillipines....where next ??

Chan Kok Kuen said...

The next country... Malaysia!!!

SpectraGuy said...

Your organization sounds like MNC.. I choose to believe the nature of business of your former & current company is the SAME, huh ?