22 October 2007

Explosion in Makati - I am safe

Last Friday at 1.30 p.m. there was an explosion at Glorietta, a popular shopping mall in Makati. The place is located about 500 meters from the hotel that I am staying.

I just want to inform that I am safe in Manila. At the time of the explosion was I came back from lunch from other place, Greenbelt 1 which about 1 kilometers from the place of incident.

The explosion caused the death of 8 people and injuries to more than 100 people. Initially, it was reported that the cause of if the fire was due to explosion of LPG tanks, a few hours later, it was reported that the explosion was caused by a bomb. The police found traces of chemical used to make C4 explosive.

Today's paper reported that the total death now stand at 9 and the explosion may not be cause by a bomb.. I will wait and see the final report.

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