22 October 2007

Kimi Raikkonen is F1 World Champion

The showdown of this year's Formula 1 was decided in a three cornered fight between Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen in the final race of the year at Interlagos, Brazil.

The race was the best race I have seen so far and Ferrari took 1-2 position with Raikkonen winning the race and the World Championship my a mere 1 point from Alonso. Hamilton had some bad luck at the start of the race and also missed a gear shift. Hamilton ended in 7th position.

But 4 hours later, the race steward were checking on the fuel samples of BMW (Heifield and Kubica) and Williams (Rosberg). If they are penalised for the fuel used Hamilton will move from 7th to 4th position which would make Hamilton the champion.

Luckily, the steward choose not to penalised the teams even though there was discrepancy in the fuel sample.

In my opinion, Raikkonen should be the world champion taking into consideration that he has the most number of wins for the year. Hamilton is still young and still have opportunity to have a shot at the championship in the coming season.

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