14 October 2007

My first teddy bear

The time of the year is drawing near, and I would not be at home on that day. So I decide to celebrate the day earlier with my family. What am I taking about? Well my birthday is coming soon but I will be in Manila on my birthday. So I decided to celebrate the date with my family before flying off.

I booked a table at Souled Out to have dinner there with my family on 13th October. Luckily I did the reservation early because all the table were packed because it was a holiday.. Hari Raya Adil Fitri.

I was caught by surprise when my children presented me with a brown box with Cool Bear Workshop written on it. They told me that it is my birthday present. I opened it and was surprised that it turned out to be a cool teddy bear dressed up in a cool outfit. They told me that they have commissioned the making of the teddy bear at a shop where you can customised the bear by choosing whether it is a male or female and at the same time choose the outfit for it too. But the best thing was when they told me to press the centre of the bear.. a recorded greeting of the sound of my three children saying "Happy birthday Papa". I was very touched by the gift because it has been chosen by my children and at the same time, this is the first teddy bear that have been presented to me. I love the gift very much especially it was given to me by my children who have taken the trouble and effort to give it to me on my birthday.

I told them that I will bring the bear along when I travel so that I can hear their voices when I am away fr0m home and it will not not make me home sick.

To celebrate my birthday, my wife presented me with a lovely and costly belt. I presented myself with a PSP. Well yeah.. finally I got myself a PSP. This was after consideration of whether to get myself an Apple iPod or not. The PSP is a better choice since I can play games, listen to music, view videos and do much more things than an iPod. At the same time, I also another unit of PSP for my son.. that makes 2 PSPs.. one for me and one for my son. He too was yearning to have a PSP and he was also the one who has influenced me to get one.

Now going to Manila for a long duration of time would not be bored since I will have my teddy bear and my PSP by my side.


Selba said...

Oh... that's a really cute Teddy Bear and also a very good idea from your children to give it to you as a b'day present :)

Wish you also an early Happy Birthday... Hope you have great year ahead!

tham said...

Hi! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday. Wow! You hv got yourself a very cool present as i m also thinking to buy one for my elder son for his birthday's present later on. I understand that the price for PSP has dropped.
Just to update you, i hv transfered to Sungai Nibong Branch since 1/10/07. A promotion for me actually.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Selba, thanks for your birthday wish and I am loving the teddy bear already.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Tham, congratulations on your long awaited move in your career and thanks for your birthday wish.

The latest model of the PSP is a thinner version. A package with 4 GB card will cost your RM900. It's still very much cheaper than an iPod!!!

Lye Hock said...

cool toys! lucky guy... best wishes on yr birthday!