05 December 2006

Items from Cameron Highland

For the last weekend, my wife and the kids (plus my mother-in-law) were on a holiday in Cameron Highlands leaving me alone at home. I could not join them because I have to attend Mei Fong's wedding luncheon on Sunday and I have to report to work on Monday.

The family returned home on Monday evening (minus my mother-in-law who wanted to take a break in her kampong house) with bags of clothing, maizes, strawberries and flowers bought from Cameron Highlands.

This morning I notice a pot of beautiful orchid with fully bloomed flowers placed in the kitchen. I told myself that I will shoot those bloomed orchid with my wonderful new lens. When I came back home in the evening, the kids have placed the roses they bought into vases that they bought at the shopping mall today.

I took my camera and here are some shots of the photos where I make full use of the zoom power of the lens to turn it into a macro shot. Click on the photos to see more details.

The blooming orchids

Three different colour of roses - red, yellow and pink... which is your favourite?

Don't ask me what is this called!!

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