09 December 2006

Wow, what a week!!!

Time really fly, by the time I knew it, it's the weekend again.

I reported to worked on Monday (4 December 2006) to my new company. I have posted what had happened on the day earlier. For the rest of the week, it has been running up an down most of the time sorting out my resources to enable me to settle down.

My notebook and access password was only fully available to me on Wednesday where I can begin my induction courses and filling up all the personal data into the HR database. I also have to get my account number into the system to enable my payroll to be credited. Since, Christmas is around the corner, the payroll payment date is made earlier and there was a deadline for submission of savings account number.

My boss who is based in Chennai called me from Singapore on Tuesday and requested me to make the arrangements to fly over to Chennai next week. She told me that she will meet up with me on Thursday to discuss my roles and duties.

She arrived on Thursday and I was informed that I will take charge of a team of people who will be based in KL where I would report to her in India. However, the team has not been set up yet and she is in KL on Thursday and Friday to conduct interview of potential candidates. At the same time, she has invited me to sit in the interview session since, the candidates would be working with me in my team and it would be good that I can pick and select the appropriate candidate.

Wow, the 4th day into the new company and I got this great chance of selecting my members and also going over to Chennai.

The interview session went well where we meet up with 7 candidates and finally we found 3 suitable candidates. It's now up to the HR side to make the offer to these candidates to join me.

Next week, I will have to prepare myself for my journey to Chennai. I will be staying there for a period of 1 week. So watch out for more news and happenings. My blog postings may be delayed as I will be off to the mountains for 2 nights for a Team Building Workshop which is far far away from any Internet access.


Lye Hock said...

Wow...exciting times ahead for you!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yeah, getting exciting all the way.