05 June 2008

Prices of everything goes up, except your salary

First it was the price of rice and foodstuff. This was just the beginning of other cost of things to rise. Yesterday the Government announced that the price of petrol will go up by 78 sens tp RM2.70. I was waiting for my son at the school when I received and SMS from Mary of the fuel price increase. Luckily I still have half a tank of petrol in my car and would not want to rush to the nearest petrol station to fill up my tank.

On my way back home, I can see that all the petrol stations were jammed with cars all lining up to fill up their tanks. A savings of 78 sens on a full tank of petrol would be savings of some money for some if the car is being used to travel long distances on a daily basis.

The price of fuel is just one of the many things that was declared by the Government that the price has risen, other things include other petroleum products like diesel and NGV. The other important thing was the cost of electricity will also rise. This would impact 59% of the total consumers.

As compared with our neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand, the cost of fuel is still cheaper.

With an adjustment in our income, the rising cost of living means that most of us have to watch what we spend.

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