12 June 2008

Darren Turned 12 Today

My son Darren turned 12 years old today. I took leave today to arrange to go with him to the National Registration Department (NRD) to do his MyKad. Last minute changes to his school schedule did not allow us enough time to go to the NRD to do his MyKad. We have to do it tomorrow where I would need to seek his class teacher's permission to release him from his afternoon class. Furthermore, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and Muslim's prayers day where the NRD is only opened from 2.45 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.. It will be a rush job going there to queue up to do his MyKad.

Dareen has grown tall since last year. You can see his photo taken 2 years ago on his birthday from this link. He is taller than all the members of the family except me. He has already reached my ears and I think he can be taller than me soon.

Tonight, his birthday was celebrated by the family with a cake and a gift from his mum and his sisters.. a SWATCH watch. Me? Well I have not got him any present yet because I could not think of anything I can get him for now. He has also everything a boy of his age wants.

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY , son!!

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